Friday, 6 June 2014

Lesson 4 - Casualties, Support Elements and Activity

Well on to Lesson 4, not sure where this fits in Know Yours, I suppose it is still a Know Yourself.  How to deal with casualties, how to modify your forces through the addition of Support Elements, and what orders to give your units other than Move Here.  Also, includes a bit on how you can create a combat group like a QRF.  At the end is a introduction to one of the enemies, The Kalb, mountain tribesmen.  A tribe with the inclination to Shoot First and then Shoot Later.

So, first.  In each game the number of KIA and SW are removed from a units roster.  In a later lesson we will see how KIA and SW effect unit confidence and morale.  For now we will concentrate on how it is represented on the campaign counters.  Light Wounds?  Not sure if we just ignore light wounds.  I think so, or later in the campaign we can apply light wounds as temporarily lost to a reinforcement pool?  Your thoughts please.

Okay, onto the slides:


  1. Wait... this is a piece of software?

    1. VASSAL is a program which allows you to recreate boardgames virtually. Here we just created the virtual board directly, skipping the need for a physical map.