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2017 - The Age of the Robot begins

Following the incident at the Malika City airport, where the NSA experiment with rabid dogs went awry (read about the sordid affair here: REDACTED), the UN has sought alternative means to add to the security of their forces (other than equipping their forces with fire extinguishers).
Wikidrips grainy image of the NSA Rabid Dogs attacking Russian Paratroopers.
Though the first 'bots were used during the eradication of the Bu'hu Nah'harem terror-slavers in west Africa in 2016 the first effective use of bots occurred in the Western Malikastan Pacification during the United Nations and International Intervention force actions following the Hotakistan-Riali war.

Should the UGV be Soft or Light, or indeed a vehicle or Gun?
The first unit was landed at the main airbase in eastern Western Malikastan, the base soon to be renamed after the fallen UN hero Heidi Clare.

Semi-Autonomous UGV Rules to consider
The rules governing robots follow the Tomorrow's War rules with the following amendments:
1) The drones can be used as as single unit or divided up between teams in another platoon.  In the campaign UGV platoons can be dismantled and divided between units.
2) Drones can be controlled by a team it is attached to and thereby uses that teams TQ, and it can be set to be interdependently on overwatch (as per the TW rule on page 146).
3) Drones can be remotely controlled, but at the beginning of each turn roll a D8 TQ, if the roll fails the drone goes into semi-autonomous mode, TQ6 and does not move, but will still engage hostile forces.  If the force includes a UAV then the failed TQ can be rerolled.
4) Drones receive a -1 to Reaction tests as per the TW rules, but also receive a further -1 Reaction when engaging any target within 8" of the drone.  Drones receive a +1drm on spotting checks beyond 8".
5) Drones have an infinite optimum range as per TW rules.
6) UGV drones may not climb stairs or pass over walls.  When a UGV drone crosses a ditch or water feature it my pass two TQ to enter and exit.  A UGV can be man-handled over walls and upstairs, but cause the unit to be considered rapid moving even though it is limited to tactical move distance.
7) UGV are generally armed with double HMG and count as a superior HMG, AP4/AT1(L) and do not suffer from Rapid Move modifiers, nor do they ever fall off overwatch.
8) Whenever a UGV rolls a 1 on a reaction test or bog test it is removed from play.
9) Drones may not fire at a target if the LOF passes within 2" of a friendly unit (not including the team it is attached to).

Ground Zero Games has a nice selection of UGV:
GZG Drones and especially this little one which I think I will be getting.

Drones can be attached as "wingmen" to vehicles and can move with the vehicle adding to the vehicles security.

Worth the rules?  Or simplify.  I like the TW Overwatch rule, adds nicely to tactical options.

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