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MISSION: Beatrix Potter and the modern insurgency

After reading the news of the ongoing war between the British and the cunning insurgent Badgers in the UK we thought it was time to bring it to the table.  It seems the badgers have outwitted the British government (cunning little critters!) and their farmer allies.  Obviously the best approach is to turn to Beatrix Potter to design the mission.  She documented the war long before the government became involved.  I refer to the "Tail of Mr. Tod".

And thus the battle between the Hotakistani "The Badgers" Brigade and the British "Desert Rabbits" came to be.  Will the captured Rabbits be saved?

The Lost Tail of Mr Tommy (AKA The tale of Mr. Tod)
Note, it would be better not to show this map to the Hotakistani player, and therefore the flank move would be a surprise and not effect the setup.
Location: Batraks-Pota, Western Malikastan.
During the battles between the British “Desert Rabbits” infantry and Hotakistani “Badger” Mechanized Infantry Brigade the Hotakistani’s captured a dozen soldiers in the British convoys “tail”.  A few days later a local resident arrived at the British HQ of Lieutenant Brock, “Mister Tommy, I have grave news to give to you, the Hotakistani commander Tawd Ibn Oni has held a court and found the Tommies guilty of warcrimes and they will be shot at dawn.”

Brock has decided to launch a rescue mission to rescue the lost “Rabbits”.  The French commander, Lieutenant Renard, said he would attack the “The Badgers” as a diversion.
Early in the morning the Hotakistani pickets warned of an attack, Lieutentan Tawd Ibn Oni ordered his BMPs of “The Badgers” TB-1, TB-2 and TB-3 forward.  The morning quiet was broken by the BMPs coughing to life.  They soon engaged the French from across the dry river bed.

British Mission: The British Desert Rabbits will flank the Hotakistani “Badgers” Brigade units once they are engaged by the French Vulpes combat groupe.
Hotakistani Mission: Disengage from the firefight with the French, stop the Tommy’s from rescuing the captured “Desert Rabbits”.

The Hotakistani setup engaged with the French (offboard units), the prisoners are defended by a small force, the British arrive in a flanking move.  The Hotakistani’s must disengage to stop the British from rescuing the prisoners, or attempt to kill the prisoners.
French Offboard Units

Sniper Weapons Team (2), 300m Team (3 men with, two with single shot AT-4CS (AT3/AP3(H), VAB with 20mm, Eryx Weapons Team (2) (AP4/AT4(H)), two 600m teams (3 men with +1 SAW, +1 UGL).  French units are removed if they fall of overwatch or suffer a casualty.  All French Infantry have +1D armour and +2D (In cover and cover).  French infantry units must always successfully spot the target, even if it moves, and lose 1D from their FP.

Turns: 7 (or 8?)
Hotakistanis Front-line “The Badgers”, TQ8/MOR8, Mechanised BMP infantry platoon – Section (but 3 BMP
Hotakistanis Guards, TQ8/MOR8, four single AK (each as a single man unit).  To guards are setup with the eight prisoners (hidden), and two are setup at least six inches away from the prisoners.  All must be setup in or on one of the five buildings.
British “Desert Rabbits” TQ8/MOR10 (Infantry platoon – 1 section), enter either on the north or south side.  Must exit, either on either edge with the prisoners.  British have  3 AT-3 and one fire team with “infinite” LAW AT2/AP2(H) on a TQ.
VP: If more prisoners are exited than on the board the British win.
1)The offboard French have overwatch even if the UN does not have initiative.  All French units are automatically on overwatch.  If they fall off overwatch they are removed from play.
2)On a TQ each guard within an inch of a prisoner can execute a British prisoner, but only after the guards have spotted at least 5 British soldiers from the Desert Rabbits.

Counters to be used for the French offboard units.  The Eryx only has two shots.

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