Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Eureka 15mm Modern Australians in my grubby paws

The Eureka Miniatures arrived in the post today.  Another successful 300 Club outcome.  They were worth the wait, these are excellent well-proportioned highly detailed 15mm.  What one has come to expect from Eureka after receiving their Russian and Chechens.  The Australian 15mm line includes 35 individual sculpts and a Bushmaster.  The Bushmaster comes with a nice RWS.

I believe these are the only 15mm miniatures armed with a Steyr AUG, so they would make good substitutes for New Zealanders, Irish, Austrian, Uruguayans and Argentinians(?) (and portions of many other forces).

The figures cover all the extras as well: UGL, SAW, GPMG, LAW, Carl Gustav, snipers, commanders, radioman, dog handler, bomb disposal team and mine detector.

The top of the next image has some other manufacturer's figures for a size comparison (L to R: Eureka Chechen, Khurasan US Infantry, Khurasan US Special Forces, EUREKA AUSTRALIAN, Peter Pig US, Peter Pig Professional and Flytrap Factory Insurgent)

And finally... [edit: harmonization complete]

The Eureka 300 Club concept is "crowd funding" process.  You do not part with your hard-earned dollars until you confirm your order once the miniatures are available.  For other 15mm Modern active 300 Club projects can be seen and joined here:

Eureka 15mm 21st Century 300 Club

You can also contact Nic Robson at Eureka to add to the project list.  If you add something then advertise it so that you get the required support.

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  1. I just received my own Eureka Australians, to use as Austrians! http://ambushedinthealley.blogspot.com/search/label/Modern%20Austrians