Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Washing Day in Azmakassar (Mission)

After the British mechanized infantry and armour performed a bold attack to cut the ford south of Azmakassar the UN realised they needed to rethink their posture.  They realised that they were over-extended and their lines of communication were threatened by advancing Hotakistanis to the north.

While the Uruguayans and US Special Forces try to keep the road to Patrol Base 55 open the British slip from their positions in the dark of night and race for safety through the narrow walled roads of southern Azmakassar.

Simultaneous with the British move masses of insurgents from Azmakassar swarm southward to overrun the British.  Dawn will reveal the outcome.  Burning Challenger and Warrior vehicles?  Dead insurgents?  Or insurgents standing about wondering where their prey has gone?

TURNS: 8 continues on a D6 4+ to 9 and then a D6 4+ to 10.

BOARD SIZE: 6' x 4'

Normal casualty VP apply.  Plus, any UN force left in the first 1/3 count as full VP, any UN force left in the middle 1/3 counts as 1/2VP and any unit left in the last 1/3 count as no VP to the Hotakistani player.  Any unit exited off the board by the UN counts as full VP for the UN..  Insurgents units are worth 1VP when destroyed (this may be a permanent change).  Card reinforcements do not count towards VP for either side.

The turn in which each unit leaves the UN Exit point is recorded, in the connected mission units which leave on turn 6 or earlier arrive on Turn 1, Turn 7 = Turn 2, Turn 8 = Turn 3 etc.  Units that do not exit by Turn 9 do not partake in the next mission but still count to the victory conditions.

Primary insurgents enter via the five hotspots (marked in orange) and secondary insurgents (plus reinforcement cards enter at the two RED arrows.  UN reinforcement cards enter with 3" of the UN exit point (centre of road).  The Malikastanis setup in the green demarked zone, each team must be 4" from the other teams.  The UN setup within the blue circle.  


UN Primary and Secondary units setup within blue setup zone on map.
UN Reinforcement card units enter within 3" along the edge of the UN Exit.

Regular Malikastanis setup within the green zone, but no team may be within 4" of another.  Malikastanis use the three squad - six fireteam + HQ OOB.
Regular Hotakistani reinforcements or delayed units enter within 3" along the edge of the two green arrows
Primary Hotakistani irregulars enter within 4" of a random hotspots (two reinforcements per turn)
Secondary Hotakistani irregulars enter within 3" along the edge of the two green arrows

UN Support:
105mm Howitzers 1+ Fatigue
81mm Mortars 1+ Fatigue
Staff II

Hotakistani Support:
107mm Rocket Battery 2+ Fatigue
107mm Rocket Battery 3+ Fatigue
Staff II
HIND attack helicopters Fatigue 2+ (NVG)
(AA and tanks are close-by)
Area is covered by Hotakistani AA

1) Night with a New Moon.
a) Hidden units are spotted within optimum range by both NVG and non-NVG units.
b) Vehicles with NVG are assumed to have infinite optimum range.  Vehicles with thermal IR can attempt to spot hidden units beyond optimum.
c) Once any unit is engaged successfully in a turn all other units may fire upon the firer or the target without a spotting attempt for that turn.  In following turns the unit returns to “hidden” status.
d) Air assets can be directed onto a target by a ground unit, or can "prowl", but must then spot the target with a -1DShift on quality.
e) A unit may always return fire on a unit firing at it.

2) Insurgents may use out of sight movement unless the UN has an air asset.
3) The Hotakistani's have a HIND ground-attack helicopter.  It can search for targets of opportunity at TQ6 or be directed on target by Hotakistani commander's, JTAC, FO or insurgent FO at TQ8.
4) The two bridges, where the two streams cross the main road their are narrow culvert bridges.  If the two bridges are not crossed at Tactical Speed by a tracked vehicle roll a TQ.  A failed TQ results in the bridge suffering a point of damage.  The bridge has 3 points of strength and will break on the loss of the third point.  Bridges are 4D8 strength when attacked.  If a vehicle is destroyed on a bridge it may be cleared by another vehicle pushing the vehicle into the river by passing two TQs (can be carried over to following turns).
5) The streams require a TQ to enter and exit for vehicles and may only be forded at tactical speed and costs 4” of movement.  The stream costs double movement (each stream is only 1" across (so 2" of movement to cross).
6) Terrain: 1/3 of the fields are fallow, and are classed as SCRUB, +1 Cover to all units, no LOS through more than 4” of scrub; 1/3 of the fields are ploughed or grassy or lucerne, +1 cover to non-moving infantry unit, no LOS effect; Remaining fields are tall corn, +1 cover to all units,  no LOS through more than 2” of crop.  Vehicle to vehicle LOS unaffected, but +1 cover; Treelines block LOS, +1 cover for unit in treeline.

Players, please have a read and send in any modifications.

The mission was played on the 17/11/2013, here is the AAR: Here be the AAR

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