Thursday, 8 August 2013

15mm Australians go HOT at Eureka Miniatures!

Yesterday we received good news that the modern Australian 15mm sculpts have gone hot at Eureka Miniatures.

Soon we will see at least three platoons worth of Australian infantry with their transport.

If you did not pre-order, go outside, place some wood on your BBQ, and then throw the ash into your face (probably wait until it is cooled down before doing this) and pull out your hair and cry, "Such is life!".  Or something.

P.S. I notice the Australians are still showing in the 300 Club ... so maybe you can slip in the backdoor!

Nic Robson's email was a welcome pre-Xmas present.  THIRTY FOUR different Australian modern infantry (plus 1 dog...a blue heeler?) plus a Bushmaster.

BTW if you want an Austrian or Irish force this is your best bet!

At last the real Throne of Swords will get its force!

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