Tuesday, 2 July 2013

15mm Supacat Jackal / Nary?

UPDATE: Added a few Peter Pig and Flames of War bits to the Supacat Jackal/Nary:
With added Peter Pig bits and crew, and primed for painting.  I like :)

CORGI Supacat Jackal or Nary next to Khurasan Special Force minis
Corgi Toys has produced a nice little Supacat Jackal/Nary.  I was surprised to find this while looking for a 1/56 car for Pulp Alley.  I forgot about the car and grabbed two of these for my Australian SASR for $5 each.  Hopefully this does not bump my Eureka Russians off the painting table!

So, how will it fit into 15mm?  I think it will do (and no comments from the owner of that giant Chinook :p )

The scale appears to be between 1:74 and 1:83.  Though 15mm is the scale we play Force on Force with the Khurasan Special Forces are closer to 18mm, so close to 1:83 I guess.

I think with a paint job, some supplies and crew and a new gun it should look good.

Luckily I am mentally a six year old!
I will replace the gun.
65mm long and 26mm wide
I like that the wheels are narrow and not the normal wide "Dinky" car-style.
The Nary next to a Khurasan Special Ops

My SASR have their ride :)

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