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Malikastani Escalation Turn 4 - The Battles for this turn

Turn 4 is upon us, we have pre-played two battles and now we have 6 more to play.  They are all interesting battles so not sure which we will roll-off.  HAVOC!

Australian thrust from Budgy Smuggler Hill - The Valley of Fog
The Hotakistani once again send their tanks into the Bahijindal greenbelt, this time, however, the Australians push forward to meet them.  In the greenbelt of Bahijindal tanks and infantry stalk one another in a viscous fight.  With a 220mm rocket battery supporting the Hotakis and a 155mm artillery battery supporting the Australians this will prove to be a bloody encounter.

Battlefield: Greenbelt (location 21)

Mission Proposal: Two combined arms forces meet in the fields of the greenbelt with the odd qalat or grape drying house and canals.  6'x4' field of play.  A pure casualty-inflicted battle.  Maybe 1" x 2" fields with treelines and the odd little hamlet.

UN Forces
Heavy Artillery 155mm (Fatigue 4+ but with Five Staff so Fatigue is 1+)
Australian Infantry TQ8-MOR10 Fatigue 5+
Australian Heavy Armour TQ8-MOR10 Fatigue 3+
Pro-UN Malikastani Medium Armour TQ8-MOR8-INI6 Fatigue 3+
UN MRAP TQ8-MOR10 Fatigue 3+
Close Air Defense TQ8-MOR10 Fatigue 2+

Hotakistani Forces
Hotakistani Infantry TQ8-MOR8-INI6 Fatigue 5+
Hotakistani Infantry TQ8-MOR8-INI6 Fatigue 2+
Hotakistani Heavy Armour TQ8-MOR8-INI6 Fatigue 5+
Staff III
220mm Heavy Rocket Battery Fatigue 2+
(AA within 4 movement)

Running amok in Malika City
Following the defeat of of the UN headquarters in the legation district the insurgents are pouring into the area searching for foreigners.  All that stands between the civilians and captivity is a loyal unit of Malikastani regulars (with the President) and the United States ODA.  The legation district is like two ant nests smashing into one another.  UN forces also want to retrieve the bodies of their commanders.

Will the insurgent commander lead his men?

Battlefield: Garden City (Location 14) or CBD

Mission Idea: CBD or built-up legation, numerous NGO civilians disseminated across the town.  Both sides trying to rescue the civilians.  SF force morale dropped to 8 until they recover General Heidi Clare's body.  Winner has recovered the most civilians.  Insurgent hotspots must be on board edges.

UN Support:
155mm Artillery 5+ Fatigue (but with Staff V, so 1+) - was 4+ but went to 5+ with a failed TQ

Hotakistani Support:
Fast Fixed Wing Aircraft units TQ6
Fast Fixed Wing Aircraft units TQ6

Finishing them off
When the retreating UN HQ bumped into the retreating Hotakistani paratroopers it looked to be the end for both, but then British infantry from the Malika Airport arrived and the end now looks inevitable.  At a ramshackle crossroads, a clump of forlorn qalats becomes a bitter battlefield as two desperate forces clash.
Battlefield: Greenbelt (Location 11)

Mission Idea: The paratroopers take up defence in an Alamo.  

UN Support
155mm Artillery 5+ Fatigue (but with Staff V, so 1+) - was 4+ but went to 5+ with a failed TQ

Hotakistani Support:
One Fast Fixed Wing Aircraft Unit TQ6
Staff I

The Nameless Ridge east of the Unnamed Outpost
In the first days of the UN intervention contractors had built an outpost in the flood plain.  It was never occupied.  Early in the war two units of Hotakistani BMPs crossed the river to the north and cut the road between the airport and FOB Breakbone.  The French attacked.  After an initial Hotakistani win they pushed forward taking the old UN outpost, only to be pushed back by the French, but by now the French are tiring.  A British infantry force crossed the desert west of the airfield on foot to reinforce the flagging French.  Supported by Apaches the new arrivals strike towards a strategic ridge west of the outpost.  Who will hold the high ground at the end of the day?
The Hotakistanis are in a sandwich, the French armoured cars on one side and the British infantry on the other.   Still a hard fight for both sides.

Mission Idea: A ridge in the centre with an old castle ruin.  Both sides advance from the edge.  Though the French armoured cars enter from the opposite edge of the British.  So anti-clockwise British - Hotakis - French.  Sparse terrain, one side of ridge the edge of a minor greenbelt.

UN Support
155mm Artillery 5+ Fatigue (but with Staff V, so 1+) - was 4+ but went to 5+ with a failed TQ

Just another day in Azmakassar
War comes once again to the western suburbs of Azmakassar.  The residents are so inured to war they have not even evacuated.  Two platoons of fresh Hotakistani infantry advance to cut-off the British in southern Azmakassar.     The Uruguayans and US ODA team advance into western Azmakassar to hold the onslaught, supported by their 81mm mortars and 105mm Howitzers and FOB Breakbone, they rush to take up positions as the Hotakistanis move in.
Battlefield: Urban

Missoin Idea: The Uruguayans attempting to advance and hold a tree and house lined road on the edge of Azmakassar, and get ammo or something through or out of the southern Azmakassar position.

Special Rules: Civilians are in some of the buildings, both sides are sensitive of civilian casualties, units must successful identify if buildings have civilians.  On a successful TQ the unit can identify if the building is occupied, roll a D6 on a 4+ it is occupied by civilians and therefore no artillery aiming point may be placed within 6" of that building.  Both sides need to identify each building.  Ruins can be ignored.  Half the buildings are ruins.

UN Support:
Light Battery Fatigue 1+
Medium Battery Fatigue 1+

Hotakistani Support:
107mm Rocket Battery 2+ Fatigue
107mm Rocket Battery 3+ Fatigue
(Tanks are close-by)

Washing Day in Southern Azmakassar
Down towards the ford the British Armour and mechanized infantry are engaged with the turncoat Malikastanis.  Two mobs of Haqiqa insurgents have surged towards the gunfire.  Overhead heavily armed Hind's swoop in.  The ladies of Azmakassar will have to postpone washing day.

Battlefield: Urban

Mission idea: With the Malikastani's pushed back into the town the British prepare to finish them off, while mobs and insurgents descend on the battlefield.  Black Hawk Downesque mayhem!  With Hinds hovering over head.  What is not to like? :-)

UN Support:
105mm Howitzers 1+ Fatigue
81mm Mortars 1+ Fatigue
Staff II

Hotakistani Support:
107mm Rocket Battery 2+ Fatigue
107mm Rocket Battery 3+ Fatigue
Staff II
HIND attack helicopters Fatigue 2+
(AA and tanks are close-by)

That is it then, nice and sweet.

Some dice rolling: 
Location 21
The Hotakistani's advance on Bahijindal

UN SF Interdiction TQ10=4, success
Hotakistani Heavy Armour TQ8=7, ne

UN SF Interdiction TQ10=3, ne vs. Hotakistani Inf.

UN SF Interdiction TQ10=4, success
Hotakistani Transport Unit TQ6=1, fatigue
Hotakistani 2nd TQ6=4, survive

Location 12
Hotakistani Air Interdiction TQ6=6
UN Air Transport TQ8=5, fatigue
UN 2nd TQ8=6, survive.

Hotakistani Air Support Interdiction 12
Hotakistani Air TQ6=4, success
British Unit MA1 leaving airfield TQ8=3, fatigue

Hotakistani Air TQ6=4, success
British Unit L1 leaving airfield TQ8=5, ne

Location 21 155mm Artillery supporting Location 35,  Fatigue TQ8=2, +1 Fatigue

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