Friday, 12 April 2013

Update to Escalation Campaign Rules

After some discussion, an updated version of the campaign rules has been added to Google Docs:

Here be link to PDF on Google Docs

The main changes:

Campaign Level
How fatigue works, general simplification.
Random events at end (not in red) of file.

Unit types
Several changes and clarifications
The random insurgent hotspot can now be contested vs. Fatigue to reroll instead of rolling vs. fatigue to not arrive at all.  Insurgents were suffering vs. regulars.

Mission Creation
Clarification (we have been tending to use these)
Flanking update
Defender can now have a counter-attack force which can also enter on a flank
Special Rules added, basically what we have been playing, but were not in the rules.

Next major change will be an overhaul to the Staff Support and Supply system, we need it to be easier to use and keep track of.  So start thinking.

After passing some ASLAV's on the road today I must paint my ASLAV mini's!

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