Thursday, 28 March 2013

Campaign Turn 3 - The battles to be

Battle 1 - Area 33 - Clear the road
The fatigued South Africans who fell back from FOB Oxus have left the safe confines of FOB Breakbone to clear the road between the FOB and the old Russian airstrip Poslednyaya Nadezhda.  The last surviving insurgents in the area are in a poor state and are unlikely to put up a fight.

Roll off this battle?  South African mechanised Infantry and South African Armoured Cars search for surviving insurgents.  Open dry farmland, a few fields, compounds and roads.

Battle 2 - Area 35 - Cut the road
The Hotakistani's used amphibious vehicles to cross the gentle river south of Azmakassar and after a short rest have driven south to cut the road between FOB Breakbone and Malika City.  The French, fresh from fighting insurgents drove through the night intercept the attack.  The Hotakistani BMPs arrived first, attacking the small UN force on the road, the French arrive to reinforce the defence.

Two mechanised platoons of Hotakistani troops smash into a US infantry platoon.  To the rescue ride the French, a infantry mechanised platoon supported by armoured cars.  The battle is in an open plain with slight undulations, a few compounds, and isolated copses of trees.

Battle 3 - Area 31 - Cut the supply line
The British forces, fresh from two battles, reinforce their victory by pushing into the outskirts of Azmakassar itself.  The tanks and IFVs have turned south to block the river crossing at Azmakassar.  Defending the crossing is a platoon of Malikastani infantry.

Reinforcing the assault is a unit of US special forces.  The Malikastani "traitors" in the city streets of Azmakassar now face British armour and infantry.  Battle is in a city, probably down by the banks of the Azmakassar River.

Battle 4 - Area 12 - The Battle of Malika Airfield
The UN invest four platoons to clear the Malika Airfield, they recognise the importance of opening up the airfield to bring in UN reinforcements.  The remaining Hotakistani paratroopers face a second attack after being defeated by the attack from Malika City.

A US and British Infantry platoon, the original guards of the airfield move out of their defences, the weakened two paratrooper platoons and insurgents face the attack.  Following the first battle A1 now has 7+ fatigue as does the insurgents.  A3 is at 6+.  If they lose the next battle they are in deep doo-doo.

Battle 5 - Area 14 - The Legation district
The hordes of insurgents have swarmed over the legation outer walls and the fight has become a dozen running battles as the UN falls back to new defences.  While the Special Forces were off on their little tour the insurgents have moved to take the Tomb of Hotaki and capture the civilians in the legation area.  Standing between the insurgents and the civilians is Major Heidi Clare's HQ and her loyal Malikastani platoons.  The Mad Bomber has been declared dead, but the Bomber's bloody turban has become a Holy Relic and a new leader moves forward.

Battle 6 - Area 16 - Clearing Birka
The Australian infantry and the medium artillery, mounted in Bushmaster's need to clear the road to Malika City.  The Australians need to clear the road to allow the Australian armour in the north to connect to supplies in Malika City.

Battle 7 - Area 21 - Tank Battle at Bajihindal
Australian and Malikastani tanks ready themselves for the Hotakistani heavy and medium tanks.  Unlike Kursk the battle is in a death trap of compounds, forest, treelines and fields.  The UN digs in, fearful that the trees will soon sprout Hotakistani tanks in the morning mist.

The battle is in close farmland full of compounds, tree lines, orchards and forests.  A tanker's nightmare.

Battle 8 - Area 61 - The Breakout
The Hotakistani's strike at the dug-in defenders once more.  The defenders, alone face the BMPs.

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