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Malikastan Escalation Turn 2 - Missions

Turn 2 sees five potential mission areas.  Again a mix of types: city fights, farmland, open rocky, symmetrical, asymmetrical, artillery, air attack, special force missions and the bludgeoning of armour.  The Hotakistani's make a concerted effort to take on FOB Breakbone, while the UN continue their plan to secure the airfields.

Patrol Base 55 (Area 32) – Hotakistani Attack
To the east of FOB Breakbone the British mechanised infantry and Challenger tanks hunkered down in the ruins of Patrol Base 55 and awaited the storm.  They did not have long to wait.  The Hotakistani forces in the town of Azmakassar were ordered westward, “commander’s intention: destroy all enemy north of the river”.
The Hotakistani’s were taking no chances, they sent in two platoon’s of T-55s, supported by a platoon of T-72’s.  The first sign of the onslaught at patrol base 55 was the appearance of insurgents in the hills, and then the rockets.  Two batteries of 107mm rockets have begun to smash Patrol Base 55, and it seemed they had more ammo than sense.  Hotakistani fighter-bombers are also about to make their début.  The UN forces is not entirely without resources, a 105mm howitzer is laid and in wait.

The battle is taking place at the much fought over Patrol Base 55 in area 32.
The Hotakistani forces are attacking from Azmakassar (31) towards Breakbone (71).  This will have to be a large mission, probably with some defences and green-belt.
British mechanised infantry supported by Challangers meet and onslaught of Hotakistani's.  The Hotakistanis have two batteries of 107mm rockets and an air asset.  While the UN only has a 105mm howitzer.  I hope the UN brought some extra AT weapons.

Hunting Insurgents (Area 33) – UN attack
The French mechanised infantry and armoured cars continue to try and tie down the insurgents south of the bridge to FOB Breakbone.  To their west the engineers are beginning to repair the air strip, once the airstrip is fixed the UN can start to bring in reinforcements.  The French must succeed to ensure the airstrip is secure.

Area 33 is directly south of FOB Breakbone and east of the airfield the UN is attempting to repair
In turn 1 no battle occurred and the same units are at it again

Malika Airport (Area 12) – UN Attack
The exhausted UN defenders at the airport were relieved to hear UN infantry advancing from the city.  Major Clare has sent two platoons of UN troops from the city attack the Hotakistani paratroopers and insurgents, enabling the embattled UN defenders to break-off and take a much needed break.

Hotakistani ground-attack aircraft patrolled the skies with impunity, the odd 14.5mm giving them a burst.  The UN troops advanced on the airfield were attacked by the aircraft, but the attacks were wide-off the mark, and the UN troops were able to advance with impunity.

To the west of the airstrip the UN’s last surviving Chinook deposited a platoon of US infantry in the desert to protect the airports western flank.  They would not take part in the forthcoming fight, but would add security against the Hotakistani’s bridgehead south of Azmakassar.

The airport is SW of Malika City
The units involved are:

Malika City (Area 13-14-15) – UN Attack
A unit of Australian SAS, which crossed the river earlier, have entered the city to hunt down the insurgent leader, they have a difficult task, facing a major build-up of insurgents who are celebrating their “defeat” of the UN’s previous attack.

At the apex of Malika City (where locations 13, 14 and 15 meet).  The SAS search for an HVT, the High Value Target: Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul.  Rajul had been captured in an operation in Azmakassar Valley.  He was imprisoned in Malika City awaiting trial, but escaped in a mass outbreak during the opening stages of the invasion.

Jazira’Janub Bridge (Area 61) – Hotakistani Attack
Two platoons of Hotakistani mechanised infantry and a platoon of armoured reconnaissance have been ordered to clear the eastern side of the Jazira’Janub bridge.  A platoon of UN infantry and HUMVEE’s have dug-in and prepared to meet the onslaught.  The UN force is still recovering from its initial fight in Jazira’Janub during the open-stages of the Hotakistani invasion.

The location is in the far north, 
With the following units involved:

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