Thursday, 6 December 2012

Malikastan Escalation Campaign Turn 2 Situation

The first few days of the Hotakistani invasion had passed rather quietly, the uprising in Malika City had failed to wrest control of the city from the UN.  The paratrooper attack on Malika City had also made little head-way.  The UN forces had made two major counter-attacks, and in the process destroyed a MANA infantry unit and forced the insurgents who had captured Patrol Base 55 to retreat back into Azmakassar.

Hotakistan holds initiative and move first, UN moves second and each unit loses 1MP each.
Random Event: UN forces suffer -1DShift on reinforcement rolls

Major Heidi Clare managed to get through to UN command.  She reported that the situation was bad, but manageable, and requested that the UN organise the dropping of a paratroop force to bolster her defenses while she planned the retake of Malika City.  The security council, however, could not decide on the level of threat and in the delay no reinforcements were forthcoming, China requested the formation of a committee was to be formed to investigate the security council's threat system.  Russia vetoed the plan for the committee.  Russia questioned the alarm over the alleged "incursion", and recommended that an observer group be formed and sent within a week.  To Russia's ire China vetoed the plan for the observer group.

UN Reinforcements (-1DShift)

  • Paratrooper platoon w/Air Drop - D6 score of 3 - Fails to arrive

UN receives three staff assistance tokens: 3, 3, 3 (these can be used to increase movement of a unit)
UN receives one Special Forces Interdiction force (can be placed in any node free of enemy, can be placed in any empty node)

The Hotakistani commander was surprised by the audacious attacks in Malika City and towards Azmakassar.  Other than his sacrificial paratroopers, his main body of troops had yet to make contact.  He requested air defence  and received a platoon of Shilka and a Tungaska.  The Haqiqa Council could not or would not release further infantry, but released a platoon of the new T-72's lead by a T-80 to spearhead the drive on the UN forces.

Hotakistani Reinforcements

  • 1 close armoured air defence platoon - D8 - 5 Succeeds,
  • 1 infantry platoon - D12 - 1 Fails
  • 1 armoured (Heavy) MBT platoon - D6 score of 6: Succeeds.

Hotakistan receives three staff assistance tokens: 1, 2, 2
Hotakistan receives one Insurgent Interdiction force (can be placed in any node free of enemy, removed at end of turn)


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