Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Minicampaign - The Azmakassar Retreat

To help put together the rules for the Escalation campaign we are playing the rules in the Azmakassar Valley before heading into the whole theatre.

The situation
The situation at day break.

STEP 1 Air Support – NATO D6:4 Hotakistan D10:5, giving Hotakistan 1 Air Asset.  The loser, NATO rolls a D6 4+ scoring 5, and therefore gains 1 Air Asset as well.  The Hotakistani player decides to use his air asset to interdict FOB Breakbone, while the NATO air asset interdicts Patrol Base 55.
The interdiction placement
On the first turn the Hotakistani's have initiative, so they get to move first.  The Hotakistani's have roll three Staff Assets: 2, 1 and a Air mobile 3 asset.

The first unit to move is an MBT Platoon, it moves from Azmakassar through Patrol Base 55 to Rahthkabir and intends to attack the retreating forces.  It suffers interdiction in Area 55, the Interdiction is TQ8 vs. TQ8 of the platoon.  Interdiction fails and the armoured platoon catches up with the retreating forces.  The unit would have spent 2MP to move and 1MP to attack, so the player used a Staff Asset 1 to improve the units movement so it would not expend all its movement and gain fatigue.

The Hotakistani player moves a second MBT Platoon, it manages to escape the interdiction and arrives in Rahthkabir spending an extra MP to attack.  The player uses the Staff Asset 2 to ensure the unit does not become fatigued.

The Hotakistani player next moves an Infantry Platoon using a Transport Unit (5MP) to move to Rahthkabir, via Patrol Base 55.  The units manage to move through Area 55 without suffering interdiction.
The two armoured platoons and an infantry platoon attack the units in Rahthkabir.
Skipping ahead to the NATO movement, the units in Rathkabir first try to escape to FOB Breakbone.  They roll TQ vs. TQ from the Hotakistani's.
The BritishWarrior Platoon and the battered American ODA Special Force teams fight a rearguard and get embroiled in a battle.  Meanwhile, the NATO player sends in reinforcements, sending a MBT platoon to bolster the Warrior Platoon.  The Challenger II platoon leaves FOB Breakbone under interdiction, the platoon dodges the interdiction and arrives in Rahthkabir.

For now this is all we will play.  The scenario is:
The SF unit has 4 fatigue.

The mission takes part in a linear urban area.  The NATO player must select four Support Cards.  The NATO player may draw three Support cards from the pool of 4, one per turn.
The Hotakistani player gets to make a pool of 6, but only selects 3 to use, one per turn.

This may sound a little complex, but once the VASSAL module is created most of this is straightforward.

We will see how it goes.  Once we have working rules we will simplify them.

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