Thursday, 30 August 2012

Doomsday for Malikastan

Situation Report from UNSAF(EM) Command: Recent activity in Malikastan appears to indicate that there is a concerted effort by the insurgency to escalate the conflict prior to the elections next week.  Evidence of direct Hotakistani involvement is accumulating.  All bases should increase Alert level to level 3.  All bases should limit rations, ammunition and fuel until further notice.  Situation report to follow in 1 hour concerning rumours of a major attack on Malika City Airstrip and UN Base.

With the waining of support by the countries within the UNSAF(E-M) peacekeeper force, following an increase in casualties the Hotakistani's have decided that this is their moment to liberate the birthplace of Hotaki.  A full invasion of Malikastan and Helmand has been unleashed, regular and irregular forces have crossed the border, while sleeper insurgents have come forth and struck the UN forces.  Fighter-bombers have bombed the UN airstrips and at present there are no UN planes in the sky.  The neighbours of Malikastan and Hotakistan have declared a no fly zone to all international flights.  Hotakistan has withdrawn its only ambassador from the UAE.

UN forces have fought gallantly for two days against overwhelming odds, but they do not have the manpower or support to stop the three prongs of the invasion.  Early today a battalion of Hotakistani paratroopers and a helicopter airlanding battalaion have attacked Malikastan's only international airstrip.  The city of Malikastan is a warzone, with UN forces retreating on the legation district.

In the Azmakassar Valley, the FOB Oxus convoy continues its desperate drive towards the "safety" of FOB Breakbone.  The defenders of Patrol Base 55 are falling back to FOB Breakbone after defending the Patrol Base for most of the day.  Major D. Zaster must now secure the bridge over the Azmakassar River, consolidate and repulse the attacks.  Holding the FOB is essential as it overlooks the bridge.

The Hotakistani command has concentrated most of its forces on the drive to Malika City, secondary forces have been assigned to clear the FOB Oxus and FOB Breakbone.

Map showing the Hotakistani spearheads, main insurgent strikes and the airlanding attack.
Campaign: Instead of going directly into the full scale campaign we will play with the campaign rules within the Azmakassar Valley.  Here is the situation map:

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