Saturday, 12 May 2012

Week 8 - To catch a tiger by the tail

Week 8 Mission: To catch a tiger by the tail

Reports have confirmed that a HVT sought by the UN is in Azmakassar.  His location has been confirmed in Hotel Golden Bow.  An OBA from PB55 will land south of Azmakassar at 2am and move directly on the Hotel.  The tall building adjacent to the Hotel, the old District Government Office block, has what appears to be a 14.5mm or 23mm AA gun in the centre of the roof.

We want this HVT alive, he has core intelligence we need, secure him and then extricate him by air.  We will have two transport choppers on hand and an Apache.  To secure an airlift location a patrol of US Army (2 squads and HQ) will use light transport to speed through Azmakassar and secure the helicopter landing sites.

Note, we are willing to take casualties as the HVT has information on a major attack in Europe or USA, possibly a dirty bomb.  We must get this man, and any documents he is carrying.

Turns: 12 (or 14)
Initiative: Starts with the US and remains with the US until Board X, from Board X roll as normal.
OBA: TQ12/Mor10
US Army: TQ10/Mor10
Hotakistani Infiltrators: TQ8/Mor12 regulars w/RPG of (+2/+3)
Local Militiamen: TQ8/Mor10 regulars w/RPG of (+1)
Mob: TQ6/Mor8 irregulars w/RPG of (+1)
US Initiative: D10
Hotakistani Initiative: D8

Convergence: The US OBA and US Rangers each enter on a random board.  They enter on a random edge and must exit from a random edge.  Entry and exit must be within 3” of the centre of each edge.  Both forces must traverse two random maps before arriving at Board X.  All Hotakistani forces which spawn on one of the transverse maps are removed from play once the US forces have exited that board.

As each board is placed the Hotakistani player places two hotspots within an inch of an edge, two hotspots more than 5” of an edge, and one where ever the player wishes.

The turns taken to traverse the maps must be recorded as this decides the turn they enter Board X.

On Board X the Hotakistani player may place a 14.5mm Heavy MG on one of the buildings roofs.  It can be angled to fire down.

Victory Points:
US KIA/SW: 2pt
Hotakistani Team Destroyed: 1pt
HVT Killed: 5pt
HVT Captured and Exited: 10pt

US OBA A-team (TQ12/MOR10) w/NVG
x12 A-Team divided into 2 fireteams and split between the five vehicles, x2 AT-4 and x2 Breaching charges
Three HUMVEEs (x1 0.5 HMG, x1 TOW-2, x1 AGL)
The vehicle crew, 10 men, are supplied by the US Army (TQ8/MOR10) w/NVG

Australian SASR (TQ12/MOR10) w/NVG
Two fireteams of 4, each armed with x1 SAW, x1 AT-4, x1 Breach-charges, x1 UGL
One member of the squad also has a sniper rifle and is considered a sniper.
Hotakistani Forces (roll one reinforcement per map per turn)
Mob: 3D6 w/AK
Militiamen D6 w/AK+1RPG(+1) + 1RPK (+1)+2 Leader w/AK
Militiamen D3 w/AK + 1RPG (+1) + 1RPK (+1)+ Leader w/AK
T-55 Tank w/IR TQ8/MOR10 (see Mission Rule 1)
Mob: 2D6 w/AK
Militiamen D6+2 w/AK
Hotakistani: 2 w/AK, 1 w/RPG (AP2/AT3), 1 Leader w/AK+UGL
Militiamen Convoy: 3 Toyota’s, 2 w/HMG & 3 crew and 1 with D6 w/AK + 1 RPG (+1) and 1 Leader (see Mission Rule 1)
Hotakistani: 2 w/AK, 2 w/RPG (AP2/AT3), 1 Leader & ROLL AGAIN
Hotakistani: D3 w/AK, D2 w/RPG, 1 Leader
Mob: 2D6 w/AK and D3 w/RPG(+1)

Mission Rule 1: The T-55 and convoy each represent one element; only one of each can be in existence at the same time.  Re-roll if it is already present on one of the board.  Furthermore, any damage on these units are permanent and cross-over into the next map.  If one is immobilized or destroyed it is removed from play and therefore re-roll.


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