Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hotakistani's - Which mini's

With the Escalation we will start to see Hotakistani regular forces, here is a small blurb on what miniatures to get painted :)

Hotakistan is a federation of tribal areas within the dismembered Afghanistan and portions of its neighbours.  It has an army of approximately 300,000 men.  Either experienced tribal warriors or soldiers trained and armed by NATO and other donors Hotakistan.  The Hotakistani have an amalgamation of equipment and uniforms.

Mechanised infantry are mounted in M113, BMPs or BDRMs.  Armoured units generally have T-72’s, -62’s or -54’s, but also have M-48 Pattons and a few M1A1 Abrams.  The Hotakistani inherited a range of NATO light vehicles, including VBLs, VABs and HUMVEES.  Hotakistan also has many old British vehicles, including Scorpions and Scimitars, and even a unit of Saladins.  Australia also supplied Hotakistan with M113 FSVs or the turrets to modify existing M113s.  Uniforms include NATO and Warsaw, all donated.  China also sold numerous tanks and APCs to Hotakistan predecessor and therefore Hotakistan inherited a wide range of equipment.

Most the Hotakistani air support originates from it's neighbours air forces, but Hotakistan also has a small air force of its own.  Most of the transport helicopters are Russian, but include a few worn out Chinooks, Blackhawks and Hueys.  Gunships include Hinds and a squadron of Kamov’s donated by Russia.

Hotakistani forces are well supported by mortars (heavy and medium) and rocket artillery, but lack effective heavy howitzers, though they do possess a few self-propelled artillery pieces.  They also have a distinct lack of medical and logistics units.  Logistics is further complicated by the numerous vehicles and systems in Hotakistan.

Some of the effects of this is Hotakistan roll medic tests with a -1DRM.  The leaders in the force range from highly experienced combat commanders (+2) to  religious token leaders (-1).  Due to poor logistics the Hotakistani forces often suffer from poor supply (-1 Dice).  Hotakistani forces range from TQ of D6 to D8, with a few special forces at D10.  Morale is high, generally D10 or D12.  Initiative is, however, poor with the regular forces and are usually D6 or D8, more likely D6.

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