Thursday, 8 March 2012

Week 8 Mission 4: Return to Sender

The UNSAF public relations office has requested that the UN force capture foreign insurgent youths and pack them back to their countries.  Intelligence officers have identified a major concentration of foreign youths in the compounds south of Patrol Base 55. On the banks of a dry river bed sits the Shrine of Mirwaiz, built circa 1730.  Evidence points to the shrine being a special place for the Haqiqa insurgents.

Major Zaster decided to send in his strongest platoon to achieve the capture.  The USMC platoon (at 32) has been directed to smash and grab, supported by five HUMVEEs (GPMG, HMG, TOW, AGL) and a FOO with a 105mm howitzer on beck and call (AP:8/AT:2(M) 6˝ radius, lose 1D per 2" from centre).  Major Zaster is attempting to vector in air support.

Oops...correction USMC...not US Army
Length of Game: 8 Turns, USMC start with initiative, after turn 1 roll for initiative.

Conditions: Mid-morning clear

UN Forces (TQ8 MOR10 INI8 High Confidence) Low Ammo (-1D)
USMC (32 Strength),1 AT-4 for platoon, designate on soldier per squad to carry an (endless) supply of breaching charges.
FOO Team (2 Strength) w/105mm Howitzer on call
x5 HUMVEE (ea 1 crew, TOW, GPMGx2, HMGx2)
The UN force selects 2 of the coloured areas to enter from on Turn 1.  The UN divides his force between the two entry points as he wishes.

Haqiqa Insurgents (TQ6 MOR10 INI6)
The five Hotspots are "Hot men".  Each hotspot represents one of the five insurgent leaders.  The hotspots moves with each of the leaders.  If the Hot man is killed the hotspot is removed.  Roll two reinforcements per turn.  On the first turn roll one reinforcement for each hot man.

1,2 D6+2 w/AK, 1 w/SW
3    1 w/AK, 2w/SW, 1 Leader w/AK
4    1D6 w/AK, 2 w/SW, 1 Leader w/AK
5,6 2D6 w/AK, 1 w/SW

SW: D6 4+ RPG otherwise RPK

Special Rules
1) The "Hot men".  All hot men and their attached insurgents have a MOR12.  Furthermore, an insurgent team with one of the hot men may pass a TQ to ignore the "move or shoot" rule.  The Hot man may split off sub-units, on a 6 on a D6 the new team will have a leader.
2) Any new reinforcement may be placed as an independent unit or join the "hot man's" team.  If the reinforcing team has a leader he is demoted.
3) When a "hot man" dies his team rolls a TQ, if it passes it will immediately attempt to charge at the closest enemy in LOS at its next and all following activations, otherwise is fades away and disappears.
4) Entering and exiting the river bed costs one extra inch of movement, and vehicles must pass a TQ or become bogged down
5) Air support.  The platoon commander may attempt to call in air support in the form of an Apache.  He rolls a TQ, if he passes he receives an Apache for D6 turns, if he fails no air support is available for the duration of the mission.

Victory Points:
5VP for each Hot man killed
3VP for each POW

2 VP for each KIA/SW
4 VP for each vehicle destroyed
5VP if no US soldier sets foot in the shrine by the end of the game (the shrine is the blue domed building at the bottom left portion of the map).

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