Monday, 12 March 2012

Flytrap Factory MERC and Insurgent 15mm Miniatures

I received a pleasant surprise in the mail today, two packs of the new Flytrap miniatures a new miniature company in New Zealand.  I had ordered a section of what they term MERC, generic middle-eastern soldiers.  They were nice enough to throw in some pre-release insurgents too, which are the best I have seen so far in 15mm.

I will let the figures talk for themselves (coin is 28.5mm).
I think they will fit perfectly with my 15mm Peter Pig, the only two I am not fond of is the 2nd figure on the 3rd row, and figure 4 on 2nd row, seems to be missing a bit of abdomen.  Otherwise, you get a sniper, x2 RPG, a RPK (possibly 2, but one could be used as a PKM).  I will probably file the bases thinner before mounting.  No visible flash, and crisp detail.  What is not to like.  I like the oversized helmets, and the variety in helmets/turban.
The insurgents are by far the best on the market, lots of detail, including tassels and well modelled faces.  I like the middle figure with what looks to be a musket.  Looking through a magnifying glass the faces are the best I have seen in 15mm modern, there is no better nose out there!

I believe they plan on producing British and modern Russian.  I definitely will be producing a platoon of MERC, Insurgents and the up and coming Russians.

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