Saturday, 3 December 2011

The US Infantry

This week I also finished painting my US Army Infantry Platoon using the excellent Peter Pig figures.  I painted a single platoon with an extra medic, forward observer and radio operator.

I used the colour coding sheet to make organization and setting up during games easier.  Each section has a primary colour (Grey=HQ, Blue=Squad 1, Green=Squad 2, Brown=Squad 3 and Purple=Weapon Squad).  Each squad has a Orange and Red fireteam, the colour code is painted on the units base.
The bases also include an indication of the amount of extra Firepower a figure contributes, one small bush = +1D FP, two small bushes = +2D FP and three small bushes = +3D FP.  Furthermore, a base with a large bush is a marksman (or sniper).

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