Sunday, 4 December 2011

Figures in action - a small sample

A Predator drone surveys the area, as a convoy bumps its way along the MSR.
(UAV, Pinzgauers and Land Rover by QRF)

Insurgents lie in wait, ready to ambush.
(Figures by Flashpoint and Rebel Minis)

The Rapid Reaction Force responds
(Scimitar and British Infantry by QRF) 

 Troops deplay from their vehicles, ready to take the fight to the insurgents
(Warrior IFV's and British Infantry by QRF)

As they move up, they gain some support on the ground...
(Challenger 2, Warrior IFV and British Infantry figures by QRF)

 ...And from the air.
(Apache Longbow helicopter by QRF)

A Chinook flies in to evacuate the wounded)
(Chinook helicopter by Old Glory UK)

A medic works to stabilise a team-mate prior to evacuation by Chinook
(Medic and casualty by Peter Pig)

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  1. Mark
    You've done a wonderful job on those minis.
    Very impressed!