Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mission Briefing - Googly 1

This mission will be played on Sunday, possibly twice :) 

"The Franks have fallen into our trap!  Pickets, get in there and slow the donkeys down.  We will be with you, hold them and we will crush them!  Today we will throw the UN dogs out of our brother's land."

"We have insurgents moving in from the north...wait, we have insurgents to the south.  Get out of there.  It's a trap!  Forget about collecting evidence, grab the bodies and move!"

The first mission on Sunday is the extraction of two dead UN workers from a compound and then escape an ambush.  The French have 10 turns to exit the board with the two bodies.  The French start with initiative.  Both players have the opportunity to setup forces offboard overwatch positions to the south and west of the board.  The insurgent may choose to place an unit offboard if a 6 is rolled for the hotspot.  Each side may only place overwatch positions on one edge, either south or west.

The board is 4' by 2'.  The French player may setup the 2nd squad in one of the two areas, and may setup the vehicles and support teams in the left area.

The insurgent start with three teams onboard and does not roll for reinforcements in the first turn.  The insurgents are a combination of Foreign students (irregular) and 1st Tier insurgents (regular).  A hotspot roll of 5 or 6 indicates the fighters are 1st Tier.  The insurgents are adequately supplied and of high confidence.  The insurgent force does not have a breaking point, they intend to fight to the finish.

The insurgent team also receives 12 markers, which are placed anywhere on the board, two of these markers are IEDs (secretly recorded by the insurgent player) which can be set-off whenever a regular team moves within 4" of the token.  The IEDs have a 6" radius with a strength of 6D10.  Measure the distance from the centre of the IED to the closest target within the targeted team and subtract 1 from the IED strength for each inch measured.

The game starts at dusk, on turn 6 onwards the spotting checks incur a -1DShift and any fire over 16 inches suffers the loss of 1 die (except for the sniper team and the VABs).

As there are civilians in the area the French must pass a TQ to positively ID insurgents before firing upon them.  The French player may choose to ignore this requirement after Turn 5, but this may result in issues in the greater campaign.

With dusk descending the Fog of War is at maximum, each time a 1 is rolled on a spotting or insurgent leaderless activation TQ a Fog of War card is drawn.

The insurgent player rolls for two reinforcements each turn:
The board setup is as follows:
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