Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Evolution of the Malikastan Campaign

There will be two evolving changes to the Malikastan campaign.

1) Command issues.  We are looking for a player to command the two US platoons in the campaign.  The US player will be given objectives independent of UNSAF, and will involve the use of a ODA with the support of the two US platoons.  Furthermore, the US commander must also somehow support UNSAF and carry out orders given by the UNSAF commander (though his personal objectives are paramount.  The US commander may be a club member or anyone on the planet willing to become a wisdom tooth ache for the UNSAF commander :)

2) The campaign will now start to evolve into a conventional conflict.  There are two possibilities, either an invasion from the neighbouring state, Pastistan, OR open rebellion by the MANA forces.  Which occurs will depend on how players rate the effect of each battle on the insurgents and the civilians.  The rebellion involves supply problems, major infantry battles with insurgent support and the usual.  The invasion involves the Pasti forces gaining air superiority and attacking with large armoured units, supported by infantry and fifth columnists.  Insurgents may fight on both sides.  Both campaign possibly occur as a surprise and it takes days to a few weeks for UN and NATO to regain air superiority (having only aircraft carriers to supply air support or long range bombers).

We have a fair amount of generic middle east-southern asian regulars at present, but anyone interested in a Russian, Chinese etc force please feel welcome to get painting :)  I will be looking at adding Russian APCs to the regulars.

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