Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rules Change

Campaign Rules Discussion

Following a comment from Major Mooney the following rule is to be amended as follows, pending comment:

"A battle with insurgents in an area is only assured if the insurgents are not outnumbered by the committed UNSAF force. The strength of the UNSAF force attacking an area is calculated by adding the number of counters in the force on the strategic map as follows: +1 for each black bordered (squads and teams) counter, +2 for each red border (light vehicles), +3 for each thick red border (heavy vehicles), and 0 if the counter is borderless (example: medic).  Add up the insurgent groups in the area, if the UNSAF force has greater value than the insurgents roll a Stand-and-fight D6, on a 4+ the scenario takes place, if the result is less than 4 the insurgents melt away and the scenario does not take place. If  the area contains a FOB or PB the regular player applies a +1 DShift to the Stand-and-fight dice."

Basically instead of an assured battle the UNSAF command gets to reroll the first Stand-and-fight check, giving the FOB/PB area battles a higher likelihood of taking place. If you ain't happy, shout, or if you have any ideas or modifications for this rule please comment.  Following Mark's comments removed the reroll and gave a +1 Dice Shift, so a D8, reducing the chance of a battle from 75% to 63% chance...I will see what Mark says.

A further possibility is a +1 DShift if a platoon in the UNSAF committed UNSAF force is led by a +ve leader?

What -ve DShifts would there be?

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