Sunday, 20 November 2016

A lesson learnt - An introduction to Force on Force in Bunbury

I ran a platoon vs. platoon Force on Force game, for Mark&Son in Bunbury, as a second introduction to the game. Force on Force has a short learning curve with lots of tactical decisions.  The only complexity is the action-reaction system which unfortunately is not written that well in the rules.  But, once you write it out it is easier.  Mark&Son picked up the rules quickly.

With the 28mm WW2 still a work-in-progress we used modern 15mm miniatures for the teaching game.
UN convoy dismounted to inspect an abandoned T-55.  The attack commences with Russians moving through the fields and through the warehouse.
Mission: A UN convoy, on an approach march to an airport that has been captured by Russian paratroopers, has stopped to investigate an abandoned T-55.  The Russian force, had also spotted the tank and a platoon was tasked with destroying the tank.  The Russian platoon leader contacted his commander and reported he had eyes on a dismounted UN convoy.  The platoon leader was ordered to degrade the UN convoys mobility.  While the UN commander was questioning the civilians the Russians attacked.

T-55 Destroyed by Russians: 5
Per UN vehicle destroyed: 3
Dead: 2
Wound: 1

Mission Special Rules: Russians start with initiative and hold it automatically for first 3 turns.

Russian Force: VDV Platoon minus the Weapons squad.  TQ8/MOR10
UN Force: UN South African platoon mounted in wheeled IFV (Ratel): TQ8/MOR8

The UN force was set up dismounted, with one section in the sand-bag emplacement, and the rest in the road in and around the convoy.  The platoon leader was in the tall building with one fire team having moved to the top storey.  

The Russians advanced on the convoy from three sides, the first actions occurred when the Russians engaged the emplacement and the one fire team at the concrete chicane.  The Russians having surprise and good fire power wound 5 of the UN force.

The UN force reacts, but in the process lose an armoured vehicle.  The UN pour a lot of fire into the orchard which eventually knocks out a fire team.  A Ratel moved forward and the commander kept his head out to help get first reaction, unfortunately he lost and the Russian sniper seriously wounded him.  Serious wounds on the Russian and UN side caused a units on each side to delay.  

Eventually the Russians had destroyed or damaged all the UN vehicles.  In a bold move the Russians assaulted the sand bag emplacement and in a brutal hand-to-hand fight they killed all the UN soldiers.  The first RPG to hit the T-55 failed to kill it.
The Russian paratroopers charge into the sandbag emplacement, after a bitter fight, where both sides gave and received, the Russians are triumphant.
With the heavy losses of the vehicles and the lost fire team in the melee the Russians were triumphant.
With three burning Ratel's and one Ratel commander out of action the Russians have successfully fulfilled their mission.

Hopefully a fun and educational game.  Other than learning the rules, lessons learnt included the danger of staying unbuttoned and the vulnerability of IFV to man-portable anti-tank weapons.

Next mission will be asymmetrical, with a UN French platoon on a flower picking mission.  The Poppy pickers may have a rude reception when the flower-growers take exception to their guests.

So the next game will cover:
  • Hotspots
  • Irregulars


  1. Nice to see you got a game in over there!

  2. It as indeed fun to play. You realise where Force on Force shines in that the scenario becomes a narrative. Something you rarely see in list based games.

  3. "w", sorry my keyboards "w" is dead. Too much use...