Sunday, 6 March 2016

Still Crazy After All These Years (intermission)

Bright was in trouble - the prisoners did not include Ronnie and Reggie. The fireteam on the railway embankment reported seeing two men running away into the woods, and believed they had wounded one. Also two prisoners had been shot dead 'while resisting'.

Corporal Hansen's voice came over the PRC; 'Sir. I think you should see this'. 'This' being the ten (or more) tonnes of 'white powder' in plastic bags, filling the inside of the truck. Bright's spirits rose a little; he'd have something positive to report...

Bright's superiors were unhappy that the Krays had escaped, and weren't interested in the prisoners, or the dead gangsters at all. However, they seemed to be very excited about the 'white powder', and eventually told him 'Seal the truck up, leave it, and tell no-one - we'll send our men in to pick it up'. Bright didn't even get a chance to tell them about Delta fireteam's indiscretions... He quietly withdrew his men and their prisoners back to barracks, and submitted a bland report; his men's role in the affair was quickly forgotten. (Private Fratton eventually made a full recovery).

It took time for a suitable team of  'inspectors' to be found, briefed and sent out by the 'authorities'; by that time, Ronnie Kray had been busy. His twin, Reggie, had been shot and wounded, but that just made them both mad. Ronnie wanted to recover the truck full of drugs - it represented a major investment, and its loss would have meant a blow to their business diversification. He called in all his favours from local hoodlums, issued them with guns, and set out for the factory. The inspectors were ambushed, and withdrew. More police were sent in, but by this time, the local thugs were beginning to have fun; even Ronnie and his men had trouble getting near the factory, as the streets were filled with excited gun-toting youths.

Things took a turn for the worse when Prince Roger (not known for his tolerant views, i.e. 'Hang all the commie plebs, and shoot the rest', and only well-known otherwise for falling out of nightclubs at three in the morning in the company of semi-naked bimbos), decided to take a hand. He volunteered to fly his personal helicopter to the scene, and help identify the main ringleaders. He also decided to take a couple of his 'chums' as sharpshooters on board ('Just like big game hunting in Africa'), in the hope that 'warning shots' would quickly restore order. A number of troublemakers were shot in this way, but his low flying antics came a cropper when he ran into some telephone wires, causing the helicopter to crash close to the factory. Prince Roger and his two chums are pinned down in the helicopter. A Regular Army Rapid Response Force is dispatched to rescue Roger from a rowdy rabble of vengeful and armed 'yoofs'.
Prince Roger's helicopter on the tracks. (When is the train due ?)
A rare sighting of the Golden Holden (Prince Roger's helicopter is just visible in the background).

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