Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Still Crazy After All These Years

After the troops returned from Hotakistan, they found a country in disarray.  Austerity was the word of the day, and the government was looking for ways to save money.  Defence cuts were popular after the UN 'withdrawal'; troop numbers were drastically cut, voluntarily and otherwise.  Ronnie and Reggie Kray found themselves back in 'civvie street', at a bit of a loose end, and without sufficient funds to hand.  Fortunately for them, the government came to their aid by simultaneously cutting the police forces, and by relaxing gun ownership.  Their entrepreneurial skills came to the fore when they set up an 'insurance' company in a disused factory, using some of their ex-Army boys as a militia to enforce 'law and order'; those shops and houses that didn't pay them to be protected mysteriously burnt down, or their owners had 'accidents'.

All went well, business boomed, and they were untouchable.  They could afford the best lawyers.  The police were happy to accept 'donations' to turn a blind eye, as they didn't have the manpower that the Krays could command.  However, the twins became too successful, and, with success came arrogance. And, if there was one thing that 'authority' disliked, it was a couple of loud, low class 'chavs' who thought that new money could buy their way into society.  It was decided that they needed to be taught a lesson about who was in charge.  They would be arrested, in the course of which, incriminating evidence would be 'discovered' which would consign them and their gang to prison for many years.  It was recognised that the police were not reliable or capable, and the Krays were likely to be well armed.  The idea was, therefore, to raid the factory with soldiers from the local Army base; the Krays would be caught off guard, surrender to a superior force, and led off to face justice.  A simple plan...


  1. What could possibly go wrong? Looking forward to finding out!

  2. It went wrong even before it started, command of the soldiers was given to the village idiot.