Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mission Briefing - Cake Walk/Milk Run

The plan: The UN force will steam-roller a motley collection of routed rabble and capture the small airstrip between the half-built presidential palace and the Ma'tafil dam.

The UN SOFORCE will advance along the southern route to the main airfield to the west, the first step of this long sweep will be the taking of the Ma'tafil airstrip, power plant and dam.  To the north NOFORCE and the Russians will attempt to advance through the city of Hotakimadina and take the shorter northern route to the airfield.  The Russians are not under UN command.  A light paratrooper force followed by an airlanding force will assault, take and hold the main airfield until relieved by NOFORCE and/or SOFORCE.  Good luck....you poor bastards.

The mission is designed for 4-players and contains a hidden agenda on each side.

The route of Soforce and Noforce around the Kabir Massif - Target - The main airfield soon to be renamed UN Base Heidi Clare.

The first step in SOFORCE'S advance: The Ma'tafil industrial park, airstrip and dam.

The UN Vanguard, SAS in WMIKS leading an Australian force of Abrams and MRAP Infantry, along with the first of the British Warriors.

The Mission Map

I forgot to add that all units of Hotakistani Player 2 (Technicals, Golden Holden and BMP-1) enter on turn 1 within 6" of A on the map.

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