Saturday, 22 March 2014

MISSION BRIEFING: Operation Democritus

Something Russian
Something United Nations
Something Hotakistani
Something Geiger
And a Holy Hand-grenade in her undercarriage

Malika City Airfield (LV-426) – Camp Acheron
Camp Acheron, once the model of what a UN base should be, was shattered and tense.  Russian paratroopers had landed without warning earlier in the week and had secured the eastern edge of the airport and sent flying columns into Malika City.  The UN wanted to start the construction of a refugee camp at the east edge of the airstrip.  The Russian duma had said they would not move, but a confrontation between the Russians and UN was averted when the Russian commander on the ground agreed to move to the north edge of the base saying, "We will move commander, we are not some out of time fascist bully boy who just takes what he wants."  With that the Russians moved to the north.

Early in the morning General Phil Graves was woken by his adjutant: the Russians had moved en masse from their allotted position in Camp Acheron to the MMW.  The lieutenant said the Russians were heading for the partially abandoned Main Maintenance Workshops on the western edge of the base.  A general alarm was sounded, General Phil Graves ordered his subordinates to put together a force from the many remnant UN units to intercept the Russians and stop them from reaching the MMW.  The rules of engagement: Fire if fired upon, but firmly stop the Russians move.  While the order group was still underway small arms fire erupted from the helipads to the east of the HQ.  General Phil Graves ordered his radioman to contact the guard HQ, but the radioman shook his head handing the receiver to the General, the general put it to his ear, all he could hear was rapid chirping sounds.  General Graves turned red, "The fnckiug Rnssiaus are jammiug ns!"

Earlier, two Hotakistani observers, secreted away in in the MMW spotted two men searching through the wreckage of the planes in the MMW.  The two Hotakistani's stealthy moved closer to the two men.  The men were Russians and were using a scintillometer.  Both the Russians and Hotakistanis dove for cover as a French Peugeot patrol vehicle drove past.  After the vehicle had passed the Hotakistanis could no longer see the Russians.  The Hotakistanis scouts fell back to their hide and radioed for support.  In the dark the two Russians sent an important message to their HQ in Russia.

The MMW includes several wrecked aircraft, including the jetliner which crashed at Malika City Airport on the first day of the Hotakistani Invasion (see LINK)

In the early light of dawn the conflict starts.

MISSION: 10 Turns
INITIATIVE: Russians start with initiative.  From turn 2 roll for initiative as normal.
VICTORY POINTS: See individual briefings for bonus VP, otherwise 2VP per KIA and 1VP per SW.

Russian VDV Paratroopers (INI10, TQ8, MOR10) 
UN Nations motley strengthened Platoon (INI8, TQ8, INI8) -1 INI dice (poor command) +1FP (good supplies)
Hotakistani Paratrooper Platoon (INI6, TQ8, MOR12) -1FP (low supplies)
NSA Agents (INI10, TQ10, MOR12)

Note to players: Only open the secret order link that has your initials next to it.
NSA LINK (ULTRA SECRET ACCESS IS DENIED, otherwise please contact Snowedin or Wikidrips)

The units from each force can be seen here.  Only look at your force!
NSA FORCE (KP) (revealed for all by Snowedin!)

On turn 3 the UN commander receives this hand-written communique:
LINK (SF only on turn 3)

Special Mission Rules:
1) MMW – The workshop contain dozens of vehicles in various states of disrepair, a team using tactical movement may attempt to commandeer the vehicle on a successful TQ check (all sides suffer a -1DShift except for the UN force).  Only a vehicles secondary armaments can be used on commandeered vehicles, the primary armaments are not functional.  A non-successful commandeer results in the vehicle being classed a non-runner by all forces for the rest of the mission.
2) No side has access to artillery, reinforcements or air support
3) Initiative, only one side has initiative per turn.
4) Concrete buildings are +2D, warehouse is +1D, all internal are +1D.  All buildings are 4D10 STR.  The aircraft give a +1D
5) All doorways and gateways are considered closed and all windows locked.  To enter the unit must pass a breaching TQ +1DShift.
6) The aircraft can only be entered by passing a breach TQ.

The Russians must also capture a helicopter.  The helicopter is guarded by four UN soldiers.



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