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Mission Briefing: The Ride of Debt, War, Battle, Shaker, Wand-wielder and Spear-shaker

Mission Briefing: The Ride of Debt, War, Battle, Shaker, Wand-wielder and Spear-shaker (v2)

Well, Ride of the Valkyries was already used ... here be the mission for this weekend.  As usual it could be as balanced as a two-legged dog...but when you are riding with the six Valkyrie babes, who cares.

To the east the British armour and mechanized infantry at the Azmakassar Ford have escaped being overrun by Malikastani’s and insurgents.  They are now heading at speed towards Patrol Base 55, around the south of Azmakassar.  The Hotakistani commander infuriated that the British slipped past the useless Malikastanis has sent two infantry platoons to block the retreating convoys path.  From the FOB, a Uruguayan UN platoon, bolstered by artillery and a US ODA team, rushes eastward to keep open the fast closing trap.

The Challenger tanks Debt and War each lead a convoy of Warriors and soft-skinned support vehicles (the Warrior’s are named Battle, Shaker, Wand-wielder and Spear-shaker.

The mission starts with the Uruguayan infantry infiltrating into the house each side of the Azmakassar road and the convoys heading westward.  The first convoy decided it would be safer to go the slower route across the fields, while the second convoy decided the safer route would be across the bridge and down the main road.
The Map v2 (added a ford between the bridges, 2' from the western edge, this should allow a little more flexibility in the mission.

The Legend...well just Legend really

Convoy 1: Setup on road and must use the road as first route option.  Convoy consists of a Challenger, Warriors x2, Soft-skin x1, Squad x2.
Convoy 2: Setup off the road and must use the fields as its first route option.  Convoy consists of a Challenger, Warriors x1, Soft-skin x2, Squad x1.
Convoy Rules: Convoy vehicles main guns are out of ammo, their MGs are still at full strength.  Convoy vehicles may only move as a convoy (except when scattered) and will react to fire.  Even if a vehicle reacts to fire it may still move as a convoy.  Vehicles still have smoke.  When a Medium or Heavy vehicle in the convoy is destroyed/immobilised in a fireball the convoy makes a TQ, if it fails the convoy scatters, each vehicle moves D6” from its present direction in a random direction.  In the next convoy move the vehicles must first regroup and then use remaining movement to continue moving.  A convoy only moves when each unit is within 2” of each other (front to rear).  Once a convoy loses a vehicle it may break from its predesignated path by passing a TQ.
Reinforcements: Both sides draw 4 reinforcements cards from a double set of reinforcements cards.  So in the end it will be 43 reinforcements, assigning a D8, D10, D12 and D20.  All reinforcements must enter from offboard by passing a TQ 4+.  UN reinforcements may enter on the Exit, Entry or SF entries.  Hotakistanis enter using the normal dice method for this mission.

Turns: 10+1(D6 4+)
Initiative: Hotakistani for turn 1, roll for initiative from turn 2.  Convoy vehicles do not count towards initiative dice.  Convoy moves at the end of the turn, no matter the initiative order.

Uruguayans (use full US Platoon) TQ8/MOR8/INI8 Fatigue 5+ (one squad must pass TQ to enter)
ODA (two 6 man teams, with JTAC) TQ10/MOR10/INI12 Fatigue 4+ (each team only enters on passing TQ)
Support: UN Medium Artillery Battery 1+
Support: UN Light Artillery Battery Fatigue 1+

Hotakistani Infantry Platoon 1 TQ8/MOR8/INI6 Fatigue 2+ (one squad must pass TQ to enter)
Hotakistani Infantry Platoon 2 TQ8/MOR8/INI6 Fatigue 2+ (each squad must pass TQ to enter, and enter from Turn 2)
Support: Medium Rocket Battery 1 2+
Support: Medium Rocket Battery 2 3+
The organization of the Hotakistanis (sans M113)
Turn 0: Uruguayans/ ½ reinforcement’s setup in their zone (blue area).  Roll Fatigue on one squad, a failed TQ results in that squad being delayed and enters on road on a TQ from Turn 2 onwards.
Turn 1: First Hotakistani platoon and reinforcements arrive using a D8 to find the location for each squad/vehicle.  On a D6 4+ the UN player can select the colour (green or red), otherwise the Hotakistani players decides.  Roll Fatigue on one squad, that squad is delayed until the following turn and only enters on a TQ.  Hotakistani forces may choose to delay entry until Turn 4 (see Turn 4) and then use a D10 to roll entry.  Hotakistani's enter within 6" of the location point, and must be more than 4" from a UN unit.  If they cannot enter they reroll, the UN does not control the colour on the reroll.
Turn 2: SF arrive at two possible locations (roll fatigue or be delayed on one fire team).  2nd Hotakistani Platoon arrive using a D6 to find the location. Hotakistanis may choose to delay until Turn 4.  Roll Fatigue on one squad, that squad is delayed until the following turn and only enters on a TQ.
Turn 4: Delayed Hotakistanis may use a D10 to find entry and ignore colour rule.

VP: Casualties count as normal.  Convoy vehicles and crew are not considered towards VP, but are multipliers to the VP.  For each convoy vehicle and convoy infantry squad exited gives a multiplier to the UN.  For each convoy vehicle destroyed/immobilized or remaining on board at the end of Turn 10 give the Hotakistanis a VP multiplier (there is a total of 11 convoy units):
               Two Convoy Units: x1.25
               Four Convoy Units: x1.5
               Six Convoy Units: x1.75
               Eight Convoy Units: x2

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