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Malikastan Escalation Campaign Turn 5 Begins

Campaign Update – End of Turn 4
Unfortunately, Malikastan has not been in the western world’s news this week.  The news agencies have concentrated on the expanding UN/AUSAF beachhead to the south and the diplomatic attempts to stop the Malikastan Incident from expanding throughout the Middle East and south Asia.  There has, however, been one news article on an unconfirmed report that a Hotakistani nuclear device has been moved to Malikastan.  The Russian news has been dominated by Malikastan with reports of the Russian ambassador being kidnapped and the arrival of Russian paratroopers in Malikastan.  But, with nearly the whole press contingent in Malikastan off the air in the beleaguered Malika City the news is more rumour than fact.

Late in the week there was a final breakdown in the UN command, and the AUSAF (AUStralia-USA Force) has been formed as an independent command.
The battles of Turn 4

Overview of the last week or so of fighting in Malikastan: In the west the British managed to escape from being encircled in Azmakassar, in the process of escaping they destroyed two enemy units.  In the South the French, British and Hotakistani’s gave and received equally and both sides fell-back.  In the centre the Australian attack was blunted forcing a partial retreat of the AUSAF force.  In Malika City the UN forces stood firm against overwhelming odds, though the Malikastani president was killed and many foreigners were captured.  South of Malika City the final Hotakistani paratroopers were mopped up by the UN.  Across the river in the east, the last surviving force on the east bank, a Ghanaian Recce unit rescued a MANPOL unit and two downed Australian aviators, though they bloodied the insurgents in the area the insurgents are far from being cowered.

The UN Engineers finally repaired the old Russian airfield in the west (area 44 Poslednyaya Nadezhda) and the Hotakistani Engineers at Jazira’janub successfully started repairs on the Vertolet Bazy airfield (area 24).

The British Infantry and Australian Mechanized Infantry are still waiting in the far north for an airlift to Malikastan.

During the battle at Bahijandal the local civilians have finally called it quits and a large refugee problem is developing.  The UN/AUSAF and the Hotakistanis will no doubt both try to attract the displaced persons for propaganda kudos.

The Russian construction contractors have begun their march southward.  The Russian president has warned any side which obstructs their path or fights in the vicinity of these heroes will face the full force of the Russian armed forces.  The Russians have also announced that any one taking advantage of the Malikastan Incident to smuggle opium from Malikastan into Russia will be met with maximum force.

Will the Hotakistani’s let off their nuke before the UN special forces can track it down?  Will the UN be able to get reinforcements into an airspace dominated by Hotakistani jets?  Will the Hotakistani’s exploit their victory against the Australians?  Will the Hotakistani’s try take FOB Breakbone and dominate the UN Eastern airfield.  Will the UN and AUSAF forces be able to co-ordinate a defense?  And, in Malika City who knows what will happen?  The city is awash with insurgents, stray Hotakistani paratroopers, hiding civilians, POWs, revengeful Malikastanis and an ODA force.  The UN force in Birka and Bajihindal have a very precarious line of communication and are being pressured from the north, what will happen to this force?  Fight the enemy to a standstill or be cut-off and passed through the meat grinder?  Looks to be an interesting turn.

Summary of the Battles from Turn 4 and their outcomes
Area 11 – South of Malika City (rolled-off)
The British 2nd line infantry and the AUSAF HQ cornered the last Hotakistani paratroopers and fought a bloody battle, routing the paratroopers into Malika City.  The Hotakistani paratroopers were destroyed in their rout.

The Malikastani president was killed as he tried to escape the city when an RPG destroyed his vehicle and the survivors were overwhelmed by a flamethrower.  His loyal bodyguards and a ODA team fought hard but were unable to stop the insurgents from overrunning the majority of the foreign legations.  The Russian ambassador was wounded as he escaped the onslaught and captured.  After the fight the Malikastani bodyguards and the ODA stood their ground and now have fortified their position.  Meanwhile, a Russian VDV unit has landed at the airport and advanced into Malika City, intent on rescuing the missing ambassador, his family and his staff.

The Ghanaian Armoured Reconnaissance unit rescued two Australian downed aviators and lifted the siege of a small MANPOL checkpoint.  They fought a sharp and one-sided engagement against two large groups of insurgents.  At least half the insurgents were destroyed or scattered, the rest have hunkered down in the rough terrain sniping at the armoured cars.

Following their victory over the Hotakistani armoured thrust the Australian armour and infantry counter-attacked, but their attack was disrupted by heavy Hotakistani artillery.  The battered Australian infantry retreated south in good order to Birka.  The Australian and Malikastani armour now hold the line around the old UN outpost.  Following the intense fighting in the area the civilians have finally given up and are now on the move as refugees.  AUSAF, the UN and Hotakistani forces may build a refugee camp in at a location they control.

Area Azmakassar BATTLE1 BATTLE2
The encircled British armour and mechanised infantry started their epic breakout, first smashing through a wall of Malikastani turncoats and a horde of insurgents.  Unfortunately further to the west the door was being closed by two companies of Hotakistani infantry.  Before the trap could be closed Uruguayans and a US ODA moved in and kept the vital road open, allowing a good portion of the British to escape.  In the struggle the Malikastani’s were bested and many were captured, the wily insurgents however escaped into central Azmakassar.  The Uruguayans and ODA team destroyed one Hotakistani infantry company and kept the second at bay.

Area41 No Name Ridge BATTLE1 BATTLE2
The UN forces at the No Name Ridge outpost repulsed the initial probes by the Hotakistani BMP infantry, but when they counter-attacked, from the west and east they were defeated.  Both the Hotakistani’s and UN forces have fallen back to lick their wounds.  The Hotakistani’s have fallen back to the north, the UN to the Malika Airport.  Following the UN airstrikes the locals in the area have dropped in their pro-UN stance to neutral towards the UN.

Turn 5
Random Event (91): The UN/AUSAF have disrupted the Hotakistani chain of command (Hotakistan receives no Staff Support.  Also, the UN/AUSAF forces have broken out of their beachhead to the south of Malikastan and are now fighting through the desert to the south.
Moon Phase [d6=4]: Moon remains NEW, Dust is predicted for Campaign Turn 8.
Campaign Initiative (UN/AUSAF won more battles, UN): UN/AUSAF D10=1, Hotakistan D8=1 Tie, UN wins intiative; all Hotakistani forces lose one Movement Point.
Supplies: UN/AUSAF: Supply-2 Hotakistan: Supply-1, Supply-1 (remember that supplies can also be turned into guided artillery shells, WMD, MOPP4 and +1FP)
UN Staff Support: Staff-2, Staff-3, Staff-5
Hotakistani Staff Support: None
UN/AUSAF Interdiction Forces: x2 Special Forces
Hotakistani Interdiction Forces: x1 Special Force, x3 Insurgent
Air Superiority: UN D8=4 Hot. D10=7, Hotakistani’s have air superiority with 3 air assets, the UN/AUSAF roll D6=2, so receive no air assets.
Russian Reinforcement Option: Pick on from Combat, the Russians select Mechanized Paratroopers, D8 =6, received.  They will drop the unit at location 41.  Russia requests both the Hotakistanis, AUSAF and UN to switch off all AA in this region.

Special UN/AUSAF Rule for Turn 5: The UN players may each send two emails deciding how to divide the interdiction, staff and reinforcements.  Include the GM in the mails so he can intercept them.  Each UN and AUSAF force has also been given a free medium Airlift asset (can move 2).  Note that supplies can be freely airdropped.

The rule book has a few updates version 1.29.  A new version of the VASSAL file and the SAV file is updated.

UN, AUSAF and Hotakistani players must now select their reinforcements.

UN/AUSAF Reinforcement Options: Pick two from a pool of 1 Combat, 1 Support and 1 Air (must decide which side gets what, or indeed, anything).  AUSAF and UN both send in what they want, one or two.  Then they must communicate.
Hotakistani Reinforcement Options: Pick three from a pool of 1 Combat and 2 Support

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