Thursday, 20 June 2013

UNSAF(EM) makes its move

a.The Australian infantry and Artillery in Birka moved north to reinforce the line of defence at Bahijandal [16 to 21].  A force of Hotakistani special forces ambushed the Australians causing some damage to the guns and infantry.   
b. A unit of Malikastani trucks ran the gauntlet of gauntlets, they drove through two air raids and two ambushes, they managed to pick up the supplies at the airport, while being attacked, and drove south of Malika City to bring the supplies to the UN HQ.

The UN frontline at Bahijandal has now been strengthened with artillery and infantry.  They have now launched an attack towards the surviving Hotakistani infantry.  Will the Hotakistanis throw in reinforcements to hold this attack.  UN Special force wait in ambush north of Bahijandal ready to intercept any Hotakistani reinforcements.
MRAP + 155mm Howitzer move from 16 to 21
Interdicted at 16
The MRAPs hitched up the M777 howitzers and in the early morning light headed south to the security of the UN tank platoon.  Suddenly rockets started to land amongst the convoy
Hotakistani SF Interdiction TQ10=5
UN MRAP (with UN 155mm How.) TQ8=2
UN MRAP interdicted (+1FP, -1MOV) make TQ or be destroyed with load TQ8=4
The Howitzers and MRAP survive the ambush and arrive at the defenses, but with +1FP

Australian Infantry move from 16 to 21
Interdicted at 16
The Australian infantry followed the convoy on foot.
Hotakistani SF Interdiction TQ10=8
UN Australian Infantry TQ8=4, Australian infantry +1FP -1MOV

Malikastani Trick move from 21 to 11
Interdiction at 16
Hotakistani SF Interdiction TQ10=3, fails
Interdiction at 14
Hotakistani Foxbats TQ6=3, fails.
Interdiction at 13
Haqiqa Insurgents TQ6=3, fails
Interdiction at 12
Hotakistani Foxbats TQ6=2, fails.

And the luckiest Trucks in the world arrive at their destination!  They drove through two ambushes and two airstrike, picked up supplies and delivered them.  Brave men!  The Malikastani Postal Service – “Neither bombs nor IEDs nor HEAT nor the bullets of AKs stays these trucks from the swift completion of their delivery of ammunition!”

Trucks roll Rough Road between 12 and 11 TQ6=4, no effect

Ghanaian Armoured Cars move from 52 to 45
Interdiction at 45
Foreign Insurgents TQ8=3, fails
Haqiqa Insurgents TQ6=1, fails
Wheeled vehicle travels on two rough routes, failed two TQ so received +2FP

British Infantry move from 12 to 11
Interdiction at 12
Hotakistani Foxbats TQ6=5
British Infantry TQ8=7, no effect

British Infantry move from 12 to 35
Interdiction at 12
Hotakistani Foxbats TQ6=3, fails

 The UN force has abandoned the bitterly contested Patrol Base 55 and advanced into Azmakassar itself.  The US Special Force units move to assist the Uruguayans in keeping the supply route open to the British fighting south of Azmakassar.

The British continue their fight to clear the ford at Azmakassar, the Malikastani''s managed to recover somewhat from the devastating assault.  The UN command has sent help (Staff 2 to reduce Fatigue temporarily for the British infantry).

The Ghanaians moved south to rescue a downed F-18 crew.  Their vehicles suffered on the long rough road, but they bypassed the insurgent ambushes, rescued the air crew and badly mauled the two insurgent units.

South of Malika City to retreating units bumped into each other, the badly mauled Hotakistani paratroopers now face a 2nd Line British unit and the UN HQ.

Other areas of note:
Malika City is awash with insurgents, all that is left protecting the UN and international civilians is a platoon of Malikastani infantry supported by a US ODA team.  The insurgents now have Foxbat ground attack aircraft in support as they drive to take the tomb.  The Civilians are spread across the legation area who can grab them and move them away from the airport will gain prestige (and reinforcements).  The bodies of Lt Clare has been hung from a high building, all morale of UN forces suffer a -1DShift for the mission in area 14.  The Tomb of Hotaki is in Area 14, if the insurgents clear UN forces from 14 they will gain an extra reinforcement next turn (once only).  If the civilians are moved from a conflict zone the holding force all gains a reinforcment next turn (once only).

To the west of the airport the French, supported by an Apache are in engaged with two BMP Mechanized units of Hotakistanis.  A British infantry platoon has advanced to reinforce any victory.

It is now over to the Hotakistanis to respond to the UN moves.

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