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Escalation Campaign - Wrapping up turn 3 and starting turn 4

We managed to play 6 of the turn 3 missions using Force on Force, played two using Combat Mission vs. the AI and rolled one off.  Here is a summary.  Most of the battles were decisive in their outcomes.

Four Hotakistani units were destroyed in the fighting: an airborne infantry platoon, two Insurgent units and a medium armour platoon.  The UN lost two units, a worn down UN infantry platoon and unluckily the Australian Special Force unit in Malika City.

After that turn I think the Hotakistani's need to put more faith in insurgents than tanks!  Except if facing special forces...then just give up and go home! :)

Fatigue is starting to accumulate alarmingly on some of the units.
The situation at the beginning of Turn 4
Force on Force Battles
Malika Airport
Clearing the motor pool
The Malika City Airport witnessed several fire fights, but two were notable.  Major Heidi Clare was determined to wrest control of the airport back from the Hotakistani paratroopers.  The paratroopers, supported by insurgents, dug-in and waited for their relief forces to arrive.  British and South African troops supported by an Apache attacked the Motor Pool and defeated the defending Hotakistani paratroopers.
Decisive Victory to the UN (UN VP: 59 and Hotakistani VP: 21)

Clearing the runway
The Hotakistani paratroopers now only held a sliver of the airfield, supported by a lone Challenger recovered from the motor pool a force of British and Americans attacked the main Hotakistani landing zone at the end of Runway 2-0.  Eventually mortar fire and the five GPMGs on the UN side whittled away the last paratroopers.
UN Victory (UN Victory Points: 47 Hotakistani Victory Points: 20)

Malika City
CBD raid
Malika City itself was a place of chaos, the majority of the city is under the control of the insurgents.  While the insurgents moved south to take the legation district an Australian Special Forces unit snuck into the CBD and killed the Mad Bomber.
Victory to the UN

Siege @ Peking
Major Heidi Clare on hearing of the successes at the airport pushed to clear the legation of the advancing insurgents, the forces meet amongst the avenues and parks of the suburb.  The insurgents overwhelmed the US forces and tied down the Australian special force unit.  As the UN HQ fell back the Australian rearguard was overcome and destroyed.
Decisive Victory to the Hotakistanis (Hotakistani: 35VP UN: 11VP)

Road to Malika City
The UN force falling back from FOB Jifa decided to stop and engage the pursuing Hotakistanis.  In a tank on tank battle the UN overcame the advancing Hotakistanis.
Australian/Malikastani Victory - 33 VP (Malikastani: 14VP?)

The British armour and infantry hit their old allies, the Malikastani MANA soldiers at the ford south of Azmakassar.  No one was surprised with the outcome.
UN Decisive victory (UN: 35 points Malikstanis: 8 points)

Area 35
A vicious fight between two Hotakistani mechanized platoons and a US 2nd Line unit with French reinforcements.  The US unit fell back to the Malika City airfield.  The day ended with the French and Hotakistanis still fighting.

Area 61
The tired and worn out US troops on a ridge line were attacked by two mechanized platoons of infantry, several BMPs were destroyed, but so were the US troops.

Area 33 Hunting the defeated
The South Africans crossed the Azmakassar River and sought out the remnants of the insurgents in the area, they managed to make contact, fought them to defeat and then destroyed them as they tried to escape.

DEFEATED UNITS Fallback and rout rolls
Area 12
A1 Paratroopers
D8=3 Fail Fallback D10=9 Pass OK, unit falls back to Malika City (13)
A3 Paratroopers
D8=6 Fail Fallback D10=3 Fail Destroyed
A2 Insurgents
D8=3 Fail Fallback D10=3 Fail Destroyed
Area 14
MC1 HVT (Fatigue 4+)
D8=1 Fail Fallback D10=4 Pass OK, unit falss back into Malika City (15)
I5 Insurgent (Fatigue 3+)
D6=5 Pass, NE
Area 14
HQ (Fatigue 5+)
D8=4 Fail Falback D10=5 Pass OK unit falls back
Australian SF (Fatigue 4+)
D10=3 Fail Fallback D10=2 Fail DESTROYED
Area 31
Malikastani HO1 (Fatigue 5+)
D8=6 Pass, Remains in place
Area 21 (Bahijandal)
Hot Hvy Arm JJ8 (Fatigue 5+)
D8=2 Fail Fallback D8=8 Pass, unit falls back to Area 22
Hot Med Arm JJ2 (Fatigue 4+)
D8=3 Fail Fallback D8=1 Fail DESTROYED
Hotakistani Infantry JJ5 (Fatigue 5+)
D8=5 Pass, NE
Area 61
UN Infantry JJ2 (Fatigue 7+)
D8=2 Fail Fallback D10=3 Fail DESTROYED
Area 35
UN Infantry BB0 (Fatigue 4+)
D6=1 Fail Fallback D10=6 Pass, unit falls back to Area 12
French BB8 (Fatigue 5+)
D8=5 Pass
French BBX (Fatigue 6+)
D8=8 Pass
Area 33
Hotakistani Insurgents (Fatigue 8+)
D8=5 Fail Fallback D10=1 Fail DESTROYED

AREA 74 The engineering unit at Poslednyaya Nadezhda attempted to repair the airstrip but they unfortunately failed to complete their task (+1DShift next turn).

The UN now have the Malika City Airport, it is damaged, but C-130's can now land.  So, any unit that can be transported by a C-130 can be brought in (be careful if the UN does not have air superiority or the Malikastani's bring up their heavy AA.

I have rolled all the rest dice rolls, many units recovered fatigue...many did not.

TURN 4 Random Event D100=22 (A local commander is seriously wounded/killed [Major Heidi Clare] in location 14  - morale of all troops of the UN in location 14 -1DShift for turn (including units which move into the area)

Rolling a 2 on the D100 means that the UN has now landed on the beaches south of Malikastan and that they have improved the air support (UN D8 vs Hotaki D10).
WEATHER remains clear for foreseeable future.  LUNAR PHASE is now New Moon.

UN D10=4
Hotakistani D10=3
Hotakistani forces lose one MP from each unit.   The UN force moves first.  Hotakistani units in a location where the UN force has an attack may not move.

UN receives a -1 and a -2 Supply placed at 12, Hotakistan receives one -1 Supply place at 02 or 04.  They need trucks to move them (or they can be used by a non-moving unit to recover fatigue).

The Hotakistanis receive two air support counters and the UN none.  Note the Hotakistanis can place this counter to interdict airlanding aircraft, such as at the main airport.  UN can move in AA to chase it away.  Otherwise air support can interdict transport or assist in attacks.  The Hotakistani player must send me the locations they wish to place their two aircraft.

The Hotakistanis receive one Insurgent unit (and they have a SF one in stock) and the UN receives one Special Force unit for interdiction.  Both players must send me the locations they which to place it before I send out the map.

The UN receives a 2, 3 and 5 staff support
The Hotakistanis receives a 1, 2 and 3 staff support

Remember what staff support does for you: 
§  Movement Enhancement – The Staff Support can be added to a platoon and the number of pips adds to the movement allowance of the unit.
§  Fatigue Mitigation – Added to a unit following movement, the pips modify any Fatigue checks for the mission.  So if a unit has 5+ fatigue and you place a 5 Staff, in effect its fatigue for checking arrival and availability in the missions it plays is 1+.

Each player must send me their reinforcements: At the start of the turn UN force may request two reinforcement platoons of any type (including transport teams such as aircraft).  The Hotakistani force may request three reinforcement platoons of any type (including transport teams such as aircraft) per turn.  Remember Paratroopers get a free aircraft, other air drop or air landing require a plane.  So, if the UN wants to bring in LAVs, in  needs to request an LAV reinforcement and a transport aircraft (which is lost after its mission)

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