Friday, 19 April 2013

Australian Infantry in 15mm @ Eureka Miniatures 300 Club

UPDATE July 2014: The Australians have now been released to everyone, see:

UPDATE March 2014: The Australians have been released to the 300 Club Supporters.  Sweet.  See the photos from the miniatures I received: Images

UPDATE July 2013: Probably 60 miniatures to go on the 300 Club.  And, the ASLAV/LAV has been added

Shane spoke to Nic at Eureka Miniatures yesterday and Nic said we should see the 21st Century Australians near Christmas.  But, he added, that this could be bumped to a closer date if he sees more support for the figures.  Presently the Australian Infantry is at 500+ in the 300 Club:

So, if you ever intend to have a modern Australian Army in 15mm be one of the first to get them!  If you join a 300 club you get the figures way before anyone else.  P300 clubbers get the minis several months before others.

So create an account and submit how many figures you feel you will need.

Note, I think if you want an Austrian or Irish force these figures will also be your best bet in 15mm.

Also while you are there, consider the Bushmaster and ASLAV

The latest Chechens and Modern Russians are beautiful.  Support the drive for Australians (and save me from any more whining from Shane about the sad situation where his entire Australian force consists of three Abrams :) )

See how nice the Eureka real-15mm figures (from their 15mm Russian range) are:
Eureka Miniatures 15mm Modern Russian figure

The Russians and Chechens are now In Production, so you can jump the queue here:

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