Friday, 30 November 2012

Eureka Modern Weapon Sprue 300 Club


Nic Robson (of Eureka Miniatures) has added a Modern Weapons Sprue to the 300 Club.  The idea is to have separate weapons of GPMGs, AT weapons, Assault Rifles etc that one can use for weapons caches, modification of figures, tokens, and as vehicle mounts.

The weapons on the latest Russians and the newly released Chechens are the best in the business, so having them as free weapons will be well worth it.

Visit the 21st Century 300 Club to denote your interest:
Eureke Miniatures 300 Club for 21st Century

Also, while you are there...and if you are interested in modern Australians, indicate your interest!  Australian have been involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, undoubtedly will be involved in future NATO or UN endeavours.

PS Nic Robson has made the Chechens available to the 300 Club members, I believe they will be posted within a day.  The 300 Club system works, and the system produces beauties :)

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