Saturday, 18 August 2012

Khe Sanh Déjà vu (1 of 2)

We started the mission Khe Sanh Déjà vu today, a three wave insurgent attack on a patrol base, attempting to overrun and destroy the base before the Hotakistani invasion can roll on through.

Marcus, Anthonius and Marcus Auhernialius and the barbarian Kevin played Khe Sanh today, we got to Turn 4 :).  Marcus has a great playing shed, and we were able to leave the game setup

The Base (Flames of War fortifications, GZG pre-fabs, and Gamecraft HESCO).  With some Peter Pig Humvees for good measure.  The game mat is the one Bill made.
In the dawn's early light, the Patrol Base was suddenly lit with the rocket's red glare, and bombs bursting in the air....  The battle started with a concentration of 107mm missiles slamming into the gate house, the two humvees were destroyed, a few pre-fabs collapsed.  Two US soldiers fell seriously wounded.
The bombardments results - the nice new fire/smoke markers by Mark the Artist
The first waves of insurgents descended on the base, two large squads came in from the north, while a third moved through the orchard in the south.  The firebases fire was unable to halt the two northern attackers, the fire and the minefield caused casualties, but they kept coming.  In the east the insurgents blasted through the old qalats walls and surged into the rear compound intent on destroying the Apache.
The insurgents attacking the north compound walls.
The insurgents in the north west failed twice to organize an assault, while the insurgents in the west brought down the four defenders on the wall and then destroyed the Apache.

A second 107mm salvo arrived, this time the shells had spread, and caused several casualties.  The second wave came in on the west, east and south.  The base defenders stopped the western assault and eastern.  Things are about to get messy.
The second wave arrives after a second bombardment, a few more collapsed pre-fabs, and the security deal for the FOB took a few hits.  The insurgents broke into the compound and destroyed the Apache,.
We will probably only finish the fight in two weeks.  Best wishes to Mark.

See Part 2 here:

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