Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hotakistani Weapons

With the Hotakistani invasion taking place we have to get those Hotaki's painted.  Here is some info on the make-up of the forces.

The Hotakistani military arsenal is a polygot of equipment and personnel.  The country which was to become Hotakistan purchased the majority of its arms from Russia and the US.  They also produced local MRAP’s and soft-skin vehicles, often based on a commercially available truck chassis.

The majority of MBTs are T-55 and T-72, with a smattering of T-80’s.  A few units are equipped with M60, M48 and Chieftain tanks.  Some of the T-72 turrets have be replaced with welded turrets purchased from China, which have a distinctive Leopard-like look.  The second-line and militia units generally use the T-55s.  The tanks come in a variety of paint styles, some are dusky brown, others are Russia green, while others are dusky brown with green camo-swathes.  The crew quality varies from the militia with TQ6 to the regular TQ8.  Morale is generally 10 for militia and 8 for regulars.  The armour is usually reluctant and cautious, so it tends to advance slowly, and has poor combined arms training.
Sources: T-55 (Peter Pig, Skytrex, QRF), T-72 (Skytrex, QRF), T-80 (QRF)

Overall the Hotakistani has poor combined arms artillery, they can, however bring artillery to bear against static positions.  The artillery ranges from ex-WW2 British 25 pounders, to modern Russian SPGs.  Hotakistani Forward observer’s are generally TQ6.  The SPG’s will often be used in direct fire roles.  The most effective Hotakistani artillery is the 81mm mortars and 107mm towed rocket artillery.  The militia may also have 107mm rocket pods on utes.

Mechanised Infantry
The Mechanised Infantry units are supplied with three types of APCs: M113, BMP-1 (and some -2 and -3) and BTRs.  Command and support vehicles are usually BDRM.  Second-line troops can also be equipped with BTR 152.
Sources: M113 (Peter Pig, Skytrex, Battlefront, QRF), BMP-1 (QRF and Skytrex), BMP-2/-3 (QRF), BTR152 (Peter Pig, Skytrex, QRF, Irish Serb)

A range of equipment which often finds itself in direct support of infantry: Tungaska, Shilka, Gaskin, static SAM, ZPU-1 and ZPU-4.  They have a sprinkling of shoulder fired SAM.  They also have a few S-300 systems.
Sources: Tunguska, Shilka from QRF, Gaskin from Skytrex or QRF, ZPU from Peter Pig.

Infantry Support Weapons
Light: RPK, PKM, MG42, Dshkha (Peter Pig), AGL
Medium: 73mm and 105/7mm RCL (Peter Pig), TOW, Milan

BDRM, HUMVEE, BRM, PT76 and Scorpions (Peter Pig, Skytrex, QRF, Flytrap)

A variety of small arms, AK, G3 and M4.  Helmets range from US “Vietnam” to WARSAW.  Caps and berets are also common (Peter Pig, Flytrap Factory, QRF, Khurusan).  Milita sometimes have the appearance of insurgents (Peter Pig, Flytrap, QRF, Khurusan, Flashpoint).

Mig-29, Mig-23, Su-25, Hind, Mi8, Hokum, F-16

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