Thursday, 23 February 2012

Week 8 Mission 3: Imodium Engaged DRAFT1

We are playing Week 8 Mission 2 this weekend at "Major D.Zaster's" domicile, at the next club meeting we will play Mission 3, so here is the first draft of Mission 3.

To stop the flow of arms into and drugs out of Malikastan the UN GHQ has requested an interdiction of the smugglers.  

The British Desert Patrol (4x WMIK Patrol Vehicles (w/12 elite infantry) – 1 w/Javelin [1LT,1SGT,1CPL] [6 Javelin]) has been tasked with the job of hunting down the smugglers.  Each WMIK holds AT-4 launchers (x2).  Optional: x1 Scimitar?

The insurgents move "blanks", which represent random vehicles, foot mobiles or merely stray animals (i.e. nothing).

The scenario occurs on a large 10'x4' playing area, the smugglers moving N to S or S to N and the Desert Patrol moving from the west.

Here is the draft map:

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