Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Orders: Disrupt the insurgent arms smugglers

GARDEZ, HOTAKISTAN.  The leader of the Haqiqa Movement, Rajul Hakim, announced that Paktia had united with four of its neighbours to form the Emirate of Hotakistan.  Hakim announced the formation of the new country in a video distributed to several news agency and websites.  The translation of the transcript:
“...The Haqiqa of Hotakistan and our loyal Jays Ajnabi (Army of Foreigners) have declared war on the Persians, Crusaders and all those who have succumbed to temptation.  The crusaders have one week to surrender the Holy Tomb of Hotaki or face our judgement.”
The video ended with a threat to the UN forces: “The UN Crusaders have one day to release our brother or they will taste the wrath of their apocalypse.”

MALIKA CITY, MALIKASTAN.  The spokesperson of UNSAF(EM), Lt Heidi Clare, announced at a press conference, “We take all threats seriously, and recent events indicate the Haqiqa Movement of Paktia is supporting and possibly directing the insurgency in Malikastan.”  Following a question on the White House’s announcement of the rescue of the four US servicemen, Lt H. Clare added that a tank originating in Paktia had been captured in Eastern Malikastan indicated that Paktia or Hotakistan was supplying the insurgents in Malikastan with heavy weapons.  She warned that the UN forces would be increasing their vigilance of the Malikastan borders.  When questioned about the condition and whereabouts of Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul, Lt Clare reported him to be in good health and was presently being debriefed by the Malikastani interim government.

Following evidence of heavy weapons being supplied to the insurgency the UN Malikastan commander, Lt. General W. Wibble, has instructed Major D. Zaster to concentrate on intercepting arms shipments from the northern border of Azmakassar District.  To assist in the operation the following reinforcements will be sent to FOB Breakbone as soon as the MSR is open:

British Desert Patrol (TQ10 MOR10) 12 men in x4 WMIKS + JTAC team in Land Rover
French Foreign Legion Recce Platoon (TQ10 MOR10) 12 men in x4 VBLs

He has also promised Major D. Zaster that he would receive priority for reinforcements.  To assist in opening the MSR a platoon of British Mechanized troops with tanks will attack from the west to support FOB Breakbone’s effort from the east.  Lt. General Wibble congratulated Major D. Zaster on his triple coup, and informed the Major that he saw a promotion in the Major's future.

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