Monday, 30 January 2012

Campaign News: Hotakistani Commander needed

With the upcoming invasion of Malikastan by the Hotakistani forces we will need a commander for the Hotakistani's.  We are looking for a diligent commander who will promptly maneuver his forces across the invasion campaign.  The initial campaign will centre on the present Azmakassar Valley, where you will need to husband your forces but also secure the valley, you will have command of a Mechanized company, a 2nd Line Infantry company and insurgents.

The campaign will take several months and will involve attempts to secure Azmakassar Valley, and then defend Malika City from being retaken by the western dogs.

If anyone is keen please send my a PM, note it need not be someone in Brisbane, we are happy with anyone in the world (with the possible exclusion of Hotakistan!)

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