Friday, 16 December 2011

Campaign Week 7 - Update

A somber mood clung to the FOB and patrol base.  During the week there had been four main operations, on a whole the operations had been successful, but just barely.  The cost for the marginal successes had been high.  On the other side the insurgents buried the remains of close to 100 hundred of their comrades.

A Chinook landed at Patrol Base 55, the soldiers stood to attention as the three killed US soldiers were loaded onboard.  The wounded had already been flown out earlier, sadly, one of the wounded died in Malika City awaiting evacuation to Dubai.  One of the lightly wounded in the USMC platoon was also evacuated. 

The Western news agencies had several stories regarding “the week”, across Malikastan the UN forces had been hit hard, including the loss of 12 Kenyans in an ambush.

The neighboring emirates have also been rocked by fighting and it has become impossible for reporters to gain access, rumors abound of massive troop movements.

Campaign Event: Talk of the withdrawal of the UN mission, and the unhappiness amongst the MANA has resulted in Major D. Zaster receiving orders to include a platoon of MANA in his next mission.
Replacements: The supply convoy arrived at the end of the week, including a replacement Scimitar and 5 replacement soldiers.
Supply: The Ammo supply which dropped to Poor was resupplied up to Normal.

Patrol Base 55 suffered mortar attacks for several days, but the aim was off and the base only lost some sleep.

ICOM chatter indicate some strife within the insurgency, but Ahkbal has ordered the insurgents to descend on the city and UN bases, though UAVs have been unable to identify any movement of insurgents from Akhbal’s forces.  In the deserted streets of the town below the FOB the base snipers have been taking pot shots at scurrying insurgents.  Once again the streets of Azmakassar are filled with armed men, MANA and MANPOL forces remain behind their compounds gates.

The McDougal’ Chicken Emporium in Azmakassar is under siege by mobs, the commander in Malika City has ordered Major Zaster to protect the Emporium.  The emporium is owned by a presidential candidate.

Major Richard Sole has “taken command” of Patrol Base 55, he has bought an ODA and a SASR team, with 2 MRAPs and a helicopter.  The mission of Major Sole is to hunt down Akhbal.  Major Sole and Major Zaster will need to negotiate forces.

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