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Week 6 Missions - Initial design

Up for discussion, the four missions

Mission Name: Underarm Googly 1 – An unenviable task
Unit(s): French Groupe de Combat 2 and 3, GPMG Team B,  Sniper Team A, FOO, Medic, APC VAB 2, APC VAB 3
AT-4 Alottment: As per French platoon ORBAT
R-n-R: The force is at full compliment
Civilians: The civilians have remained in the area.  Before engaging enemy they must first be assessed as combatants.
Terrain: Open greenbelt
Mission Overview: [CAMPAIGN] Recover the bodies of two executed UN Aid workers is the primary objective, secondly capture/kill insurgents in the area, preferably capture so we can make an example of these murderers.  The locals south of the river are peaceful and we do not want to agitate them, a squad of MANPOL is available to “open the doors” of the compounds (MANPOL TQ6 MOR6).  Each time a compound is opened by a force other than MANPOL add a second primary insurgent reinforcement roll.

Mission Name: Googly 2 – Clear the MSR
Unit(s): British Section 1, Dog Team 1, EOD (team of 2)
AT-4 Alottment: 1 per fireteam
BIP Charges: Both fireteams in Section 1 have one designated explosive carrier for BIPping IEDs
R-n-R: Section 1 has a full compliment
Civilians: The area is deserted; consider all inhabitants to be hostile.
Terrain: Linear urban settlement, largely ruined.
Mission Overview: Clear the IEDs from the Main Supply Route (MSR) through the ruined and deserted Rahthkabir.
Objective: Remove, destroy or neutralize all three IEDs.
Special Rules: Blast-in-place (BIP).  Each of the fire teams in the section and the EOD may BIP an EOD.  To BIP an IED first the team must spend a turn at the IED and then in the next turn move 6" or less away and then blow the IED using a secondary charge.
IEDs: Two of the IEDs have local triggers, the third is remotely controlled.  The insurgent player draws a
 number at the beginning of the game and keeps it secret.  This IED is controlled from its trigger point (see MAP).  The IED is a  AP8D8/AT4D8 (M) - 5" radius.  The IED can be activated if a hale insurgent team activates at the trigger point.
Map: Hotspots, IEDs and potential Trigger points.
Mission Name: Googly 3: Clearing out the trash
Unit(s): British Section 2 and 3, Recce A – Scimitar, JTAC
AT-4 Allotment: 50% chance of having 1 for the force, roll at the start.
R-n-R: One fireteam is out of action.
Civilians: The civilians remain in the area
Terrain: Dense greenbelt
Mission Overview: Last week an Apache spotted a truck unloading 107mm rockets, the truck was destroyed, investigate the kill site.  The nearby compound was not attacked, but is believed to contain a weapons cache.  Search the compound and destroy any weapons.  As a secondary objective invite the local elders to witness the destruction.

Mission Name: Googly 4: The Mad Angry Man by any other name
Unit(s): USMC and US Army full platoons, UAV w/Hellfire x2, FOO
AT-4 Allotment: 1 per squad
R-n-R: Full allotment available
Civilians: Civilians have remained in the area
Terrain: Combination of dense and open greenbelt
Mission Overview: [CAMPAIGN] HUMINT and comms chatter indicate that the large concentration of insurgents in this area are following an inspirational leader, the self-titled Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul.

A MANPOL officer arrived at Patrol Base 55 early this morning, an hour after the USMC departed on their blocking mission.  He said, that the day before they captured a gun-runner who volunteered some useful intel. 
The gun-runner revealed that the men of Akhbal Ta'ir Rajul have been accumulating heavy weapons.  He volunteered the information that they even had a tank.  He says they are building a “fort” in the greenbelt, with trenches, minefields, pillboxes and dug-in heavy weapons.  MANPOL released the man.
There is a general believe that Akhbal has the power of invincibility.  He has a fanatical bodyguard and his followers are fanatical as well (MOR12) while he is alive and onboard.  The primary force is TQ6 MOR12, and his bodyguards (2ndaries) are TQ8 MOR12.  If Akhbar is killed or exits the play area the MOR drops to 8.  Akhbar himself is a non-combatant.  The mission is to destroy the arms caches (5pts ea) in the two compounds  that are believed to be his new madrassa and any destroy heavy weapon/vehicle (3pts ea + 5pts for the tank).  The two compounds are the two that are closest to the centre of the board.  If Akhbar is captured his followers become suicidal and are immune to Shaken, furthermore they will converge on his location.  If Akhbar is killed his followers in neighbouring Pashnistan may become enraged, if he is captured they may come to his rescue, if he escapes the DIL increases by 1. 

Due to the heavy weapons and defenses the insurgent reinforcement table is replaced with the following:


2ndary (max. Of 1 each)

Alternate Secondary


Hidden Fortification

Forward Observer with Hvy Mtr
1 w/SAM and AK


D3 w/AK + 1 w/SW

PKM Team: 1 w/PKM + 1 w/AK

D3+1 Toyota Hilux's w/Heavy Support Weapon


D3+1 w/AK + D2 w/SW

Dshkha Bunker w/3
crew w/AK

D6+1 w/AK + 2 w/SW


D3+2 w/AK +D2 w/SW

23mm ZSU w/3 crew w/AK

D6+2 w/AK + 2 w/SW + Foot Suicide Bomber


D6+1 w/AK + D2 w/SW +1 Leader* w/AK

107mm RCL w/3 crew w/AK

2D6 w/AK + 1 Leader w/AK


D6+2 w/AK +D2 w/SW +1 Leader* w/AK

Dug-in T-55.
Average Confidence

D3 w/RPG + Leader w/AK-UGL

  • * Primary Column: Until Akhbal Ta'ir Rajulh is onboard roll a D6 each time a leader is rolled on a score of 5+ then add a second leader to the squad, this is Akhbal.
  • The Hidden Fortifcation is D6: 1) A 3" trench, 2) A bunker, 3) A fortified compound with loopholes and a ratline, 4) A minefield, 5) A 3" trench and a minefield, 6) A 12" ratline.
  • Heavy Support Weapons for the Hilux are on a D6: 1-3 PKM, 4-5 RCL, 6 Dskha.  The vehicles must be setup in terrain or enter from offboard from the board edge point that is closest to the selected hotspot.
  • Secondary Column rules: Only 1 of each may be rolled, if you roll one that has already been rolled then use the alternate 2ndary instead.

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