Sunday, 23 October 2011

Week 5 Missions

A French lieutenant and radio operator arrived at FOB Breakbone to replace Lt Pierre and his radio operator who had been killed by a VBIED in a firefight two weeks previously.  A US Army weapons specialist also arrived on the helicopter and he was driven to Patrol Base 55 to met his new platoon.

The United Nations security council is becoming concerned that an insurgency may be developing in Malikastan, the firefight in Azmakassar has been condemned by local NGOs and by members of the UN.  Major D. Zaster has been instructed to “tread lightly” while pursuing the “criminal elements” in Azmakassar valley.

Following the “tread lightly” missive Major David Zaster has decided to carry out three operations involving small two-squad sized forces.  He terms it the “tread lightly like a six-legged scorpion” (Any arthropod experts at the briefing?  From the chuckles maybe a few.).

Mission 1: Two Section de Combat from the French contingent are two mount two VABs, descend the hill from the base, drive past the bridge and then cross the river using their amphibious vehicles and perform a surprise attack on an insurgent concentration to the south of the river.  Last week two UN Aid workers were kidnapped in this area and a ransom note has been received.  The enemy may be criminals rather than insurgents.

Mission 2: Two Squads of the US Army platoon in Patrol Base 55 are to patrol on foot through the green-belt and clear the “voice of Azmakassar”, and annoying little group of insurgents who are chatting so much on their radios that it is giving the intelligence people a headache trying to intercept real INS chatter.  Furthermore, several trucks have been noted driving in and out of the area, and therefore we believe the insurgents are developing weapons caches in the area.  Talk of an “eagle killer” is believed to mean they may be bringing in some form of SAM system

Mission 3: Two Sections from the British Army platoon, along with the Forward Air Controller, are to mount their Warrior IFVs, drive towards Azmakassar, exit into the hills and interdict one of the INS supply routes into Azmakassar.  The object is to set up a roadblock position and intercept vehicles, pack-humans and search for drugs going out, or weapons coming in.

Mission 4 (non-combat): The Marines platoon is to travel to Patrol Base 55 in trucks and expand the base to a two platoon base.

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The campaign map showing the forces:

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