Monday, 24 October 2011

Week 5 - Insurgent Hat-trick

Mission 1
The French left the FOB at 3am and drove past the bridge and exited the road and crossed the river to the large bar in the centre of the river, they then crossed over the anastomosing channels to the south of the bar and climbed the bank.  The vehicles bogged numerous times in the treacherous channels and the force was only able to reach the southern bank at around 7am. 

The element of surprise had been lost, the compound where the hostages were thought to be was deserted, but breakfast tea was still hot.

Mission: Failed to make contact

Mission 2
When the USMC trucks arrived at Patrol Base 55 the two US platoons left on a circuitous patrol route to search the compounds to the south of the base.  They moved in open order, while back at base the radio interception team listened to the comms chatter.

"Do you see the Americans?"
"I buried my AK when I saw them coming."
"You idiot, you need to shoot them."
"You shoot them."
"And give away our cache?  You are an idiot"
"You are the idiot if you think I am going to die for you"
"I want my rupees back"

And so it went on, the US patrol was unable to find the cache, they arrested two suspicious individuals and handed them over to the MANPOL in Azmakassar.  They were seen walking down the road back to their compounds the next day.

Mission failed to make contact - Insurgents melted away

Mission 3
The British drove up through the rough hills to the north of the MSR and came down into the Ho Chi Minh trail to the north of Azmakassar.  They found a MANPOL outpost who appeared to be expecting them, there were grumbles that the MANPOL liaison officer at the FOB must have warned them.  Several young men were intercepted heading south, but no reason could be found to apprehend them.

Mission failed - Insurgents appeared to be pre-warned.

Base Fuel Surprise drops to Adequate.

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