Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Drat! Too hot! Too lumpy! Never right!

Well it seemed the table for insurgent units was too strong on Sunday, so after increasing the numbers I think we will decrease them again. The new forces will be lower in number, so mostly D6 or D6+2.  Initially placed units will be around 4 men (as mentioned in the book Contact Charlie!).  And possibly rescind the rule were one gets to re-roll insurgents who appear at a neutralised hotspot.  I think the main complaint before was if the insurgents do not have leaders it can become boring for the insurgent player.  I guess on Sunday the battle was also in a small area, about 2 foot by 3 foot.  I think we can modify the DR on the table depending on size and terrain density?

We will eventually get it right!  
The other issue of blame lands firmly on my shoulders, to keep the game alive in the morning with a visitor I decided to allow regular 1st aid checks to be made by units one storey below the wounded, this proved a problem in the centre, where the regulars became nigh unkillable.  Sorry about that one!

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