Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Week 3 The insurgent reinforce and pullback

Week 2 is complete and we head into week 3.  The UN still wants the MSR cleared by the end of week 3.  Overall the last operation was a success, though the death of many local insurgents appears to have hardened the locals against support UNSAF.  UNSAF also suffered its first KIA, a US Marine caught in an ambush as he advanced into the ruins below the FOB.

Post-scenario events:
DIL increased by 1 due to 2+ Local Insurgents teams being killed
Platoon C USMC Squad 1 light wounds: All Recovered (+1 serious wound evacuated and one KIA)
Platoon C USMC Squad 2 light wounds: One recovered, two evacuated (+3 serious wounded evacuated)
Platoon A British Section 1 light wounds: One recovered, one evacuated
Sniper Team 1 light wound: Recovered
Ammo level reduced by 1
No UNSAF units gained experience
Insurgents in Area 71 reduced from 5,3,1 to a single 2.

Campaign UNSAF KIA: 1
The Main supply route was found to be under insurgent interdiction, so the base was resupplied by Chinook (AMMO increased to Abundant).  Following the evacuation of the wounded the base received 5 replacements, to be assigned by base commander to units with missing personnel:
UNSAF B1 (French): 2
UNSAF A1 (British): 1
UNSAF MSS (British): 1

Intelligence reports indicate reinforcements arrived east along the MSR, south from the mountains and north from the desert.  Following the attack on the ruins below the FOB the remaining insurgents in the area have retreated from the MSR, so seem to have vanished into the desert to the north and south of the river.

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