Sunday, 17 July 2011

Update to Rules & decision on reinforcements in a mission

Draft 0.6 can be found in the rules section, majority of changes are in maroon.

A point to ponder is what happens to insurgent reinforcements when they roll a hotspot which has been neutralized by the presence of a regular unit:
1) The team is lost 
2) Before losing the reinforcement the insurgent player may reroll the hotspot once)
3) The regular player on a D6 of 4+ chooses an alternative hotspot for the reinforcement, otherwise the reinforcement is lost).
4) The insurgent players continues to roll until a legible hotspot is rolled.
5) The reinforcement is delayed and rerolled next turn.
Which do you think?  I tend to like 2) or 3)...1) is nice and harsh limiting the number of reinforcements if the regular player decides to neutralize hotspots.

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