Monday, 27 June 2016

Up The Junction

Paul Unishment stood to attention in his CO’s office, and stared fixedly at a point just over Major Zaster’s head while he waited to hear what ‘exciting’ detail he’d been assigned today. Yesterday he’d had to guard a bunch of Portaloos to prevent them from being stolen; the day before he’d been on traffic duty because of the power cuts, and the local police couldn’t spare anyone. The whole country was going to the dogs, and no-one seemed to care – so long as the cars kept moving, and there was somewhere to shit.
“The police are concerned, Corporal”, said Major Zaster. “There’s a lot of anti-immigrant feeling in Badford at the moment. Shops have been looted, houses set on fire, and people badly beaten. The police are spread too thin to do anything about it. They’ve heard rumours that local gangs are getting their hands on guns and intend to use them. I’m sending out patrols to police the streets and protect the peace. The sight of you and your men should act to deter the violence. Current rules of engagement apply – you’re to shoot only to prevent loss of life. Oh, while you’re out there, check out the mosque; footage from the police drone shows a truck delivering several dozen boxes. If they are weapons, confiscate them”.

TQ/Morale D8/D8; Body Armour 1D
Section 1 - Warrior IFV with driver and commander

Fireteam Charlie1

1x Squad Leader with SA80
1x Gunner with SAW (Lt. AP:1/AT:0)
1x Grenadier with SA80 + UGL + Shotgun
1x Marksman with L129
Fireteam Delta1
1x Assistant Squad Leader with SA80
1x Gunner with SAW (Lt. AP:1/AT:0)
1x Grenadier with SA80 + UGL
1x Gunner with GPMG (Med. AP:2/AT:0) 
Section 2 - Warrior IFV with driver and commander

Fireteam Charlie2
1x Squad Leader with SA80
1x Gunner with SAW (Lt. AP:1/AT:0)
1x Grenadier with SA80 + UGL + Shotgun
1x Marksman with L129
Fireteam Delta2
1x Assistant Squad Leader with SA80
1x Gunner with SAW (Lt. AP:1/AT:0)
1x Grenadier with SA80 + UGL
1x Gunner with GPMG (Med. AP:2/AT:0) 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

99 Luftballon (15mm Force on Force AR)

The ambush was sprung, the infiltrator in the crowd of protesters revealed a Skorpion SMG and opened fire on the US Government agent.  A large front-end loader parked in the field on the left of the convoy surged forward attempting to ram the HUMVEE and cut off the retreat of the convoy.

It was a fun game.  The board was setup in Western Australia and the two players were in Queensland (nearly 3,700km apart).  I used a smartphone with Skype to show the two players the board.  It worked very well.  We have done a few games like this (Pulp Alley see here) and FOF.

I think using a small number of troops makes this style of play possible.

The outcome was very close, down to the end of the final turn, it could have gone either way.  I think when the ambushers lost initiative it became a lot harder to control.

I was hoping the ambushers would win, getting a few tactical nukes into their hands would have been fun.  Though, I have heard that this was one of two ambushes of convoys carrying tactical nukes...

I do not think we have seen the last of Mr Pig either.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mission Briefing - 99 Luftballon

The political situation in Grand Brexitia has gone from bad to worse.  In large areas of the nation the public services have all but ceased to operate.  The populace has blamed the USA and EC for their economic and political woes, the old government has fallen, frightening scenes of mob violence and murder in the streets of Grand Brexitia have been splashed across the TV screens across the world.  The footage of the US Embassy burning has brought the woes of GB to the US TV audience.  The acting GB Prime Minister, Breta Offoute, has with immediate effect withdrawn Grand Brexitia from NATO and ordered the US to remove all it’s personal from the country.  While negotiations on the timetable on the US exit from Grand Brexitia has bogged down in incriminations and rhetoric the people took it into their own hands and invaded the US Airbases.
The roadblock

Following an escalation of violence at the Mildewhall Airbase where three US servicemen and fifteen protesters were killed NATO HQ in Virginia has ordered that Mildewhall Airbase be evacuated and dismantled.    With the runways covered in protester's tents the US Army has decided to truck out it sensitive equipment.  The routes these trucks will take are secret.

US Commander – Convoy MH-032
You, Staff Sergeant Hardy Harr, will escort one M977 HEMTT loaded with a cargo of Hellfire missiles from the Mildewhall Airbase to Portswich.  You have been given two HUMVEES (which have been in storage since the first Gulf War), one HEMTT, one G-Wagon, four drivers, five air force military police, one pilot (possibly due to a clerical error), two US government agents and one Brexitia policeman.  Your heavy weapons do not have ammunition.

Unfortunately, there has been a leak.  While driving down a country road you have driven into a protest.  The government agent and the Brexitia policeman have approached the crowd to negotiate passage.

The convoy has been stopped by a crowd, the crowd seems to be armed with shotguns and pistols.  The crowd is chanting, “Badgers are people too!” and “Trees are people too!”  Confused the policeman and the government agent have exited the G-Wagon and gone to talk to the crowd.

US Air Force
TQ8/MOR10 +1 Body Armour (except Policeman)
1x  Staff Sergeant Hardy Harr w\Carbine (TQ10)
3x Drivers w\SMG
5x MP w\Carbine
1x Pilot w\Pistol (TQ6)
2x Government Agent w\SMG (TQ10)
1x Brexitia Policeman w\Harshlanguage and a tazer
2x HUMVEE (Uparmoured Soft FA/SA/RA 2D6 DA 1D6)
1x G-Wagon (Soft-skin)

1x M977 HEMTT (Uparmoured Soft FA/SA/RA 2D6 DA 1D6)

Opposition only:
Brexitia Republican Army
You are a high-ranking SAS deserter, Mike Krotch known as “Itchy” to your mates, who left the SAS with his buddies during the “month of tumult”, taking your weapons with you.  You joined the Brexitia Republican Army, hoping to see the end to the Royals who seemed to have taken over the country with their puppet Prime Minister Breta Offoute.  A month ago your crew managed to steal an Apache helicopter.  Your commander has asked you to procure ammunition for the helicopter.  Putting out feelers you managed to get info from an informer in the Mildewhall Air Base.  He has given you the route of a truck carrying a cargo of Hellfire missile.  Your man in a local green group, “Badgers Are People Too” has riled the environmentalists to stage a protest at a construction site along the route the US Army truck will take.  He has organized the BAPT to make a road block across the road with their cars.  And has convinced them that unless they are armed the badgers and trees will all be destroyed.

You are a group of SAS (well 3 of you is a group!) with a few “Home Guard” wannabees (from a Russian airsoft enactment group).  Your plan was to steal a truck at the construction site, but after finding the distributor caps were missing you sent a group of wannabees off to steal a truck to drive behind the US convoy to trap them in an avenue of trees.  So far, they have not returned, and you suspect they stopped at the local pub down the lane.

To replace the truck you have commandeered a front-end loader.  You also have a 4x4 BMW and car to escape in.  If you lose the “Home Guard” you probably think that would be a bonus on top of stealing the Hellfires.

Brexitia Republic Army
2x ex-SAS (REG TQ10/MOR10) w\Assault Rifles +1x LAW (AP2/AT3(H) +1D Body Armour
1x ex-SAS (REG TQ10/MOR10) w\Sniper Rifle +1D Body Armour
1x BAPT Infiltrator (REG TQ8/MOR8) w/SMG (starts in crowd of Protestors)
1x Front-End Loader Driver (REG TQ6/MOR6) w/Pistol +1D Body Armour
5x Wannabees Soldiers “Loaders” (REG TQ6/MOR6) w\Rifles (-1DRM)
1x Idiot Backpack Bomb 3” AP6D8/AT2D8(L) (TQ6/MOR10) (can be exploded by Major Adam Mission as an action)
1x BMW 5-Series 4x4 Getaway Car (Softskin)
1x Golden Holden Getaway Car (Softskin)
1x CAT988 FEL (“Uparmoured” FA 4D8, SA 3D6, RA 3D6, Shoot at driver Side or Rear +2D defense)